A chef in a white coat cooks on a stove with a stainless steel pan with sloped sides

The Difference Between Sloped and Straight-Sided Pans

Do you know that sloped versus straight-sided pans offer two completely different styles of cooking? A sloped pan, or sauteuse, is optimal for sautéing as the pan allows heat to escape quickly and

Two chocolate souffles in white ramekins sit on a white plate

Recipe: Flourless Chocolate Soufflé

While delicate soufflés may seem like an impossible feat of physics and chemistry, this classic chocolate soufflé recipe from Chef Nick Malgieri, former Director of Pastry & Baking Arts Programs at

Chef Chris Arturo uses a knife to cut a turnip

Sharpen Your Basic Knife Skills

“Knife skills have a lot to do with your end result,” says Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor, Chris Arturo. Over the course of five lessons, Chef Chris breaks down the basics (while literally breaking


These ICE Alumni Are Semifinalists for the 2023 James Beard Awards

Right on the heels of the list of Academy Awards nominations comes the list of what the hospitality industry is waiting for: the semifinalists for the 2023 installment of the James Beard Awards


In Memoriam: Chef King Phojanakong

A New York City native, Chef King Phojanakong's cooking influences began at home with his Filipino mother and Thai father. Childhood summers spent in the Philippines furthered Chef King’s interest in


Make Champagne Mignonette This New Year’s Eve

When it comes to oysters, the classic mignonette — a sauce of shallots or red onion, vinegar and tons of ground black pepper — may be the perfect pairing. This New Year’s Eve, do as Joshua Resnick


ICE's Ultimate Guide to Culinary Scholarships

For some applicants, the dream of attending ICE seems impossible due to an inability to obtain financing. But, with the help of ICE's Office of Student Financial Services, that dream may be able to


What Is a Line Cook?

The line cook plays a key role in every restaurant kitchen, being responsible for taking the vision dictated by the executive chef and translating it into reality: delicious dishes for diners to enjoy

student in chef white practicing the sous-chef role while a chef-instructor looks on

What Is a Sous Chef?

A sous chef plays an important role in the formal hierarchy of a kitchen team, acting as the executive chef ’s second-in-command, supervising cooks and overseeing day-to-day operations. The sous chef


Seven Principles of a Sustainable Plant-Based Food System

The way that we eat today is a far cry from the way our ancestors ate. Thanks to modern technology, it’s now possible for us to grow, harvest, process and transport food at rates that used to be

culinary careers

Culinary Skills and Career Paths: Where Can Your Hard Work Lead?

Alumni of the Institute of Culinary Education work in many different aspects of the restaurant industry, in the United States and beyond. Once you complete culinary school, you’ll need to select a


How to Get into Culinary School in NY, CA or Online

With campuses in New York City and Los Angeles, the Institute of Culinary Education offers Culinary Arts training in person and online. Below, we answer frequently asked questions about our career

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