a bowl of chapulines

The History of Chapulines

When it comes to chapulines, the expression “don’t knock it ‘til you try it” couldn’t be more relevant. The grasshoppers are commonly eaten in Mexico and other parts of Central America. Though some

rice cakes in a Korean dish photo by Grace Lee

Rice Cakes in Korean Cuisine

Regardless of the date the New Year is celebrated, dduk-guk remains a traditional and comforting dish that Koreans around the world enjoy with loved ones. The rice cake soup is made with a base of

fortune cookies

How Fortune Cookies Came to Be

A meal from a Chinese restaurant would hardly be complete without the ceremonial finish of the fortune cookie: the scented wafer that breaks easily to give way to its more exciting component — the

John the Cooper by a fiery barrel

The Art of the Cooper

For hundreds of years the human population has relied upon the talented hands of craftsmen to help shape the world in which we live today. When humans began exploring the globe, trade, war and


Restaurants That Changed America

“Since the pandemic, many people have taught themselves how to cook or rediscovered how to cook, taken their cookbooks out of storage and become more self-reliant,” Professor Freedman told students.

kale on the grill

What to Cook for a New Year

Never has there been a new year more in need of those attributes. Here are varied chef tips and recipes for preparing things you should be eating on New Year’s Day to set the tone for 2021. Black-Eyed

Chef Magnus Nilsson

Magnus Nilsson on Culinary Creativity, Leadership and the Industry

As the director of the MAD Academy, Chef Magnus leads programming, promoting leadership and important industry topics like sustainability. On the heels of releasing his recent tome, “Fäviken: 4015

Maki presents Venezuelan hallacas

The History of Corn’s Prominence in Venezuelan Cuisine

Growing up in a Venezuelan-American household, arepas were a staple of our daily breakfast. This typical South American comfort food is made using a handful of simple, household ingredients like

Zaiyu Hasegawa and Emi Hasegawa

Omotenashi: The Art of Japanese Hospitality

At a virtual event with ICE students, the Den team shared its notion of omotenashi, the philosophy of Japanese hospitality, which has kept those tables hard to secure even during the pandemic. “We

beef vindaloo curry

The History of Curry

The word curry always mystified me as an Indian, partially because I never made or ate curry growing up. It wasn’t until I got to college and studied the history between Britain and India that seeing

ICE student Connor Kalantari works with Rethink at Eleven Madison Park

Five Food Philanthropy Stories from the ICE Community

Offering food has been seen as an act of love since the dawn of human history. It is a gift above all others for its potential to both bring joy and nourish those on the receiving end. When the many

Mattia Corbia delivers prepared meals to health care workers.

Feeding the Front Lines in Los Angeles

In mid-March, only four weeks into his Culinary Arts studies, Mattia was already working in a professional kitchen where he’s spent his entire life: Mauro Cafe. The Italian restaurant inside the Fred

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