dish at laurie raphael restaurant in quebec city

A Chef's Tour: Quebec City

During a recent trip to Quebec City, we experienced firsthand a new trend that’s sweeping the food culture in Quebec: using indigenous ingredients, similar to those found in the Nordic climate. We

tea ceremony in south korea

Two Pastry Chefs Dish on Their Eye- (and Mouth-) Opening Food Trip Through South Korea

Chef Kathryn: Jeff, to start this off, what have you liked best so far? Chef Jeff: Many things fascinated me this week. I liked making songpyeon — the half-moon shaped rice cakes made with pine

street food from tuome at the streets eats event at the institute of culinary education

Delicious Street Food From Around the World For a Great Cause

Guests had the chance to check out ICE’s new kitchen classrooms while sipping craft cocktails and sampling tasty street food from around the globe — all prepared by notable local chefs and mixologists

zero waste food event logo

Zero Waste Food: Imagining a System Where Nothing Goes to Waste

Kicking off right after Earth Day on April 28-29, the two-day conference begins each morning with panel discussions on such topics as sustainable restaurant kitchens and repurposing food waste

Jenny McCoy shopping for her 31-day zero food waste challenge

‘Tis the Season for Resolutions

I’m not going to join a gym or stop eating cookies. I will definitely not be cutting back on my red wine and red meat. Instead, for my 2017 resolution, I will spend the entire 31 days of January

chocolate showpiece

New York's 'Golden Age' of Chocolate

With the industrial revolution of the 1800s, chocolate and cocoa made an interesting transition from the beverage served at coffeehouses and pharmacies into the realm of confections. The innovation of

1801 new york register

In Search of Chocolate in Old NYC: A Quest for Clues

Among those merchant families importing beans, the first glimpse of cocoa processing can be found on the island. By the end of the American Revolution and the turn of the 19th century, the city grew

charcuterie during montreal tour

A Chef’s Tour: Montreal

We arrived, exhausted, late on a Sunday night at a time when most restaurants are closed. We knew that we could rely on one excellent spot to be open, so we made the fifteen minute walk from our hotel

raw cacao bean on cutting board

In Search of Chocolate in Old New York City

Considering our new digs in the oldest part of the city, it hit me that perhaps we were bringing chocolate back to the neighborhood—old New Amsterdam. I began to ponder the chocolate history of New

pierre gagnaire restaurant menu

Memories of Menus Past

In turn, my formative years as a cook are defined as much by the meals I experienced as a guest as by the professional kitchens in which I toiled. In the Internet age, international culinary

Restaurant chef having intense conversation with cook

Kitchen Culture: The End of 'Yes, Chef'?

The “yes, chef” mentality stems from chefs who worked their way up in grueling environments, once called kitchen brigades. These environments were built for efficiency and excellence: a clear


A Chef's Guide to Rome

This might be a slight overgeneralization; there are a handful of Roman restaurants doing “modernist cuisine-molecular gastronomic” spins on traditional Roman cooking. However, most Romans find the

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