A blurred view of a kitchen

Sobriety in the Kitchen

I’ve seen the destruction from alcohol firsthand in my life and in the lives of people I’ve known and worked with. I even had two cousins destroy their livers and pass away from alcohol abuse well

Chef Adriana Urbina's fermented black bean short rib. Photo by Kathryn Sheldon.

The Beauty of Latin American Flavors

In Latin America, cooking is the magnet that draws families together. Meals manifest a sense of life-giving nurture that bonds those who cook and those who eat. Latin American cuisine combines a mix

New York City's Beyond Sushi serves a variety of vegan menu items.

Navigating the Plant-Based Craze

Two weeks after launching, Guy made Beyond’s menu completely vegan. Six months later, he was vegan, too, and his evolution mirrors national trends. While American omnivores still outnumber vegetarians

A fried egg over a healthy breakfast spread.

New Year, Renewed You: Final Check-In

Have these small improvements turned into habits? Have you fallen off the wagon? As the season of renewal, spring is an ideal time to learn from your mistakes, ramp things back up and document how

Cornbread bakes in a muffin tin.

America's Essential Connection to Cornbread

Some would almost immediately think that this bread has no place on a world stage with other “celebrated” breads. Cornbread tells the story of lack and can get caught up in the stigma of shame and

A lentil salad is served.

National Nutrition Month: Tips for Healthy Eating

Here are a few tips to eat healthier without using a scale or counting calories (although it can be good to occasionally log our meals to recalibrate as needed): Make plants the star of the plate

The Natural Gourmet Center's green juice.

New Year, Renewed You: Checking In

For many people, making small, incremental improvements is more easily attainable than setting big resolutions. As NGI wrote last year in its Baby Steps to Better Health series, small improvements

The Vegan Suite at the Hilton London Bankside

The World’s First Vegan Hotel Suite is Here

Veganism is more than a plant-based diet; it’s become well known and accepted as an entire lifestyle free of animal ingredients, products, byproducts or testing. According to GlobalData.com, the

A hotel room door is open.

2019 Hotel Trend Predictions

Laura shares the scoop on hotel trends for 2019, from ditching fussy room gadgets to the hotel version of a West Elm. Hotels Partnering with Lifestyle Brands Laura says that hotels are now being tied

AeroFarms' aeroponic farm grows plants with LED lights.

Chef Barry Visits AeroFarms' Aeroponic Farm

AeroFarms’ patented, sustainable growing system is designed for fully controlled growing environments adapted to each product. This optimized growth allows for a speedy harvest cycle, a fully

Shari Bayer hosts Bo Bech on "All in the Industry."

Five Podcasts for Food Professionals

The Dave Chang Show If there’s one person in the food industry that makes me want to crawl inside his brain to know what makes him tick, it’s David Chang. The prolific and peripatetic chef/owner’s

Mushrooms are predicted to be a 2019 food trend.

ICE Advice on 2019 Food Trends

Here’s what food and lifestyle sources say to expect in the restaurant and hospitality industries this year ⎯ and how to cook, bake and host accordingly. Kitchn says Pinterest “searches for recipes

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