VIDEO: 5 Must-Have Plating Tools

As the former private dining chef at the Michelin-starred Restaurant Daniel, ICE Director of Culinary Development James Briscione knows a thing or two about plating techniques in fine dining restaurants. If you’re ready to take your dishes from edible to truly eye-catching, check out Chef James’ take on the essential plating tools you’ll need in the video below

“While mastering flavor is paramount, at ICE, we also teach our students that how food is plated and what it’s plated on can be just as important as how it tastes. Especially these days with Instagram and social media, there’s an expectation that dishes be visually exciting and inspiring as well.” – Chef James Briscione

This video is just the first in a five-part series developed with dinnerware design leader Front of the House. From chocolate cake to roast duck, theory to practice, stay tuned for more ways you can take your plating skills to the next level.

For more advanced culinary techniques, check out Chef James’ Modern Plating workshop and other cutting-edge classes at ICE.