Taste Vietnam: The Morning Glory Cookbook with Trinh Diem Vy

Yesterday, ICE students took part in a special demonstration with an expert, international chef. Trinh Diem Vy, or Ms. Vy, came to ICE to discuss her native Vietnamese cuisine. She is a celebrated chef and restaurateur from Hoi An, Vietnam, who has just released her new cookbook, Taste Vietnam: The Morning Glory Cookbook.

The book presents not only a celebration of Vietnamese cuisine, but it is also a heartwarming, at times poignant, but often humorous account of her life growing up in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An. Ms. Vy is also the owner of The Morning Glory Restaurant and Cooking School as well as other restaurants in Hoi An, such as the Cargo Club. She is known as the local authority on Vietnamese cuisine and has acted as a consultant to several world-renowned chefs.

Ms. Vy explained the importance of harmony in Vietnamese cooking, including the interplay of ingredients and the vital role played by fresh herbs, and also explore the unique flavors and textures integral to authentic Vietnamese cuisine. She demonstrated these core concepts through a variety of dishes from Vietnam that included Pork and Prawn Salad Roll, Grilled Chicken Thigh with Green Mango or Papaya Salad and Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup. The salad roll was an excellent example of how Vietnamese cuisine balances contrasting flavors and textures as it was filled with both fried and steamed rice noodles. The students appreciated the chance to learn about different cuisines and flavor profiles and other techniques.

ICE students who travel to Vietnam on our Culinary & Cooking Tour of Vietnam will get a chance to tour the market and cook with Ms Vy in her hometown. Click here for more info.

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