Student Profile: Alice Lee

In every issue of our school newsletter, The Main Course, we paint a picture of life at ICE with student profiles. This profile of Alice Lee, a current student in the Culinary Arts program, appeared in the Winter 2012 issue. We always love hearing the inspirational stories of students who’ve followed their passion to come to ICE, and Alice is no exception.

Alice Lee, Culinary Arts

Alice Lee

Alice Lee is by heart, and sometimes by obligation, a world traveler who has settled in New York long enough to attend culinary school. Born in Korea, she grew up in Toronto, but has been away for the last three years, first living in Germany and Poland for her previous career as a senior food technologist for Unilever, then in Korea for family reasons, and finally for close to a year, traveling through Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

She worked for Unilever for seven years after earning bachelor’s degrees in food science and life science from Guelph University and Queen’s University, respectively. Once Lee obtains her culinary degree, she hopes to open a business that will reflect her interest in flavors from around the globe, and perhaps teach.

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