Spring Lamb Primer

ICE’s resident butcher Master Butcher Rudi Weid was on hand yesterday to give a demonstration of how to fabricate an entire lamb.

He walked through how to fabricate a 85-pound lamb from its whole state into its primal and sub-primal cuts. The entire lamb was broken down in less than two hours. Chef Rudi explained that the prices of different cuts of lamb vary widely, depending on the cut, with the loin and rack being the most valuable parts of the animals. He explained that is why rack of lamb is often so expensive on restaurant menus.

Director of Student Affairs Andy Gold then cooked the different cuts of meat. He seared pork chops and roasted a leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary. The simple preparation was a great way to sample the lamb and see the differences in the varied cuts of meat. Seeing the entire butchering process and tasting the lamb was an invaluable lesson for the students as they head to work in professional kitchens where they will need to work with many of the cuts and prepare them to perfection.

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