Chef Chris Arturo uses a knife to cut a turnip

Sharpen Your Basic Knife Skills

Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor Chris Arturo shows us how to properly use a chef’s knife.

From knife grip and positioning to posture and follow-through, knowing proper knife skills is imperative to culinary arts training.

“Knife skills have a lot to do with your end result,” says Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor, Chris Arturo.

Over the course of five lessons, Chef Chris breaks down the basics (while literally breaking down some root vegetables), pointing out exactly how you should hold your knife, how your elbow should be positioned and what your posture should be while you cut. 

All of these details matter — the combination of these knife skills makes way for beautiful food that cooks evenly in the process. 

Learn how to use a knife in the full video with our partners at Zwilling below.

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