How ICE’s Online Culinary School Works

The new fully-remote culinary school program only requires approximately 13 hours per week of your time — all from the comfort of your home.

After more than four decades teaching culinary education in two of the top gastronomic capitals in the United States, ICE has launched an online Culinary Arts & Food Operations program. And the reason is two-fold: Many prospective students tell us they wish to pursue their culinary dreams but are unable to put their lives on hold to attend in-person classes at either ICE campus. Secondly, the demand for well-trained culinary professionals has grown exponentially across the country.

With the launch of our online program, ICE’s award-winning training is easier to access. “This program provides specialized foundational knowledge, skills and essential training that can be accessed from the comfort and convenience of your own home,” says ICE Chairman and CEO Rick Smilow. “Graduates of our online program, together with those from our New York and Los Angeles campuses, will have the training and skills needed to help ease the staffing challenges occurring nationwide.”

ICE’s online program is currently available to students located in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming, with more states to quickly follow. 

Learn more about the new Online Culinary Arts & Food Operations Program here.

How Online Culinary School Works

ICE’s online Culinary Arts & Food Operations diploma program has been expertly designed and developed for people to learn the principles of culinary arts in their home. Just like our in-person programs, students enrolled in the online program will receive personal feedback from their chef-instructors and educators.

Over the course of 14 months, students will need to dedicate approximately 13 hours per week to the program, which can be done when convenient for each student. The program is “asynchronous,” meaning students set their own schedule by watching videos on demand with an opportunity to join live lectures each week. Students will cook a variety of dishes and cuisines during culinary labs, attend interactive lectures and discussions, work on projects, read texts, explore techniques and hone skills that are the foundation of fine cooking. This is all done through a central Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas which will act as the central hub of the experience.

Boeuf bourgignon

Demos and Labs at Home

Lectures, demos and labs (cooking labs, that is!) are the core part of the Culinary Arts & Food Operations diploma program. ICE has partnered with meez, the all-in-one recipe tool for professional chefs, to give students access to digital, interactive recipes with photos and videos embedded and built-in yields and conversions for scaling and costing.

To prepare for the lab portion, students will be provided shopping lists, equipment needs, set-up and guidance. Students will then document their work by taking a series of photos throughout the process as instructed and upload those photos to ICE’s learning management system.

In addition to photographing recipes, students will write about their experience and discuss taste perception of their dish’s outcomes, a process that introduces students to the culinary world’s extensive vernacular. The written assignment for each lab is then reviewed by an instructor who will provide constructive individualized video feedback.

Professional Equipment Is Supplied

Included in each student’s tuition is a Google Chromebook, digital textbooks, knives, a culinary tool kit including sharpening steel, shears and bench scraper, among other tools, as well as a professional uniform to wear during class. (Students can also wear their uniforms when applying to professional jobs.)

Hands-On Externships

At the end of the online curriculum, students will be required to complete a hands-on externship, giving them the opportunity to enhance their skills and techniques and gain invaluable experience in the industry. Our Career Services team will help match each student with a restaurant or food-related business for them to further their experience in the field as well as establish connections in the industry.

What other ingredients do I need?

The only other thing needed is an internet connection, a place to cook (undisturbed) and — the key ingredient — passion. Cooking is fun and we’re serious about teaching, so bring your passion and desire to learn to your home classroom to get the most out of your experience. 

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