How ICE’s Online Culinary School Works

After more than four decades teaching culinary education in two of the top gastronomic capitals in the United States, ICE has launched an online Culinary Arts & Food Operations program. And the reason

Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Bennett

"Dream First, Details Later" is Ellen Bennett's Mantra

A former line cook at two of Los Angeles's most venerable restaurants, two-Michelin-starred Providence and the now-shuttered Bäco Mercat, Ellen Bennett was frustrated that the cooks’ uniform design

Andrew Reinicke plating desserts

A Veteran Opens His Mind to Vegan Cooking and Baking

The oldest of nine children, Andrew has always associated food with bonding. He remembers that his paternal grandmother, who grew up on a dairy farm in South Dakota and moved to Southern California to

Kenneth Peterson Jr.

From Louisiana Seafood to Los Angeles' Providence

Family is incredibly important to Kenneth, who twice put plans to attend culinary school aside to care for his ailing parents, the people who fostered his love for food. The Peterson family rarely

Ingredients for dim sum

Deconstructing Dim Sum with Chef Alan Kang

Students at ICE's Los Angeles campus had the opportunity to participate in a four-hour dim sum workshop, the kick-off to our new extracurricular Deep Dive series, exploring ingredients, techniques and

Packing food for delivery

Which Delivery Platform is Best For Your Restaurant?

If the pandemic taught us anything about the restaurant business it’s that delivery is a critical revenue stream. Kristen Hawley, journalist and founder of weekly restaurant technology newsletter

Everton Tulloch in the ICE kitchen

ICE Alum Followed Steve Harvey’s Advice to Culinary School

Four months after getting laid off and in a slump, the normally jovial Everton Tulloch was struggling to crack a smile. Wanting to end her husband’s sulking around the house, Everton’s wife suggested

Chef Roxana Jullapat

Baking with Ancient Grains

If you’re not so sure how to incorporate sorghum or buckwheat into baked goods, turn to Chef Roxana Jullapat’s cookbook, “Mother Grains,” for a journey exploring eight ancient and versatile grains

Robin McBride

How the McBride Sisters are Crashing the Wine Party

Half-sisters Robin and Andréa launched their California wine company, the McBride Sisters Collection, in 2005. First importing wines from New Zealand, the duo is making bottles (and cans!) from their

Chef Sohrob Esmaili in the kitchen

Meet Chef Sohrob Esmaili

California-native Sohrob Esmaili had a penchant for cuisine from a young age. “I was really into baking and cooking as a teen, and I would bring things I prepared at home to school,” Chef Sohrob says

Erin in the ICE kitchen

From Modeling for Vogue to Pastry at Spago

Erin Gruber was genuinely captivated by the prospect of working with pastries in eighth grade, when her classmates were enticed by desserts during a mentorship program at a bakery. While the notion of

Maxwell at Food Network

Behind the Scenes of a Culinary Production Career

After losing interest in his engineering studies, Maxwell Nerenberg left the academic world behind at the end of his junior year of college, focusing on his biotech engineering job while considering

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