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ICE Launches New Scholarships

The combined value is worth up to $686,000

The Institute of Culinary Education is proud to offer more scholarship opportunities to potential students than ever before.

ICE recently announced two new scholarships worth up to $35,000 and 195 high school scholarships worth up to $651,000. All are for students pursuing their dreams in the culinary and hospitality industries and all scholarships reflect ICE's vibrant history, alumni and commitment to culinary excellence.

These new scholarships are steps in ICE's continual journey of growth. Year after year, the school has sought to support students seeking aid, and in 2023, was able to award over $700,000 in scholarships. That's nearly $300,000 more than was awarded in 2022. This year, ICE is set to exceed $700,000 in awarded scholarships, if all 195 high school scholarships are accepted.

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The first of these new scholarships honors Mashama Bailey, the James Beard Award-winning Executive Chef and Co-Founder of The Grey in Savannah, who graduated from ICE with a Culinary Arts diploma in 2000. The Chef Mashama Bailey Tuition Waiver will offer $20,000 to the recipient and can be used to attend the Culinary Arts program at ICE's New York or Los Angeles campuses. In honor of Chef Mashama's and The Grey's focus on American Southern cuisine, preference for the scholarship will be given to applicants who show interest in pursuing the same specialty.

Chef Mashama says she is honored that ICE has created a scholarship in her name.

"I’m very pleased that it is tied to the recipient having a focus on regional cooking since I focus on the rich layers of cooking Southern cuisine and 'port city' ingredients in my restaurants, and I want to inspire others to do the same,” she says. “To be able to connect with your community or region through food is a remarkable thing, and this scholarship encourages that tradition.”

“To be able to connect with your community or region through food is a remarkable thing, and this scholarship encourages that tradition.”

ICE Alumna Mashama Bailey at a podium accepting a James Beard Award
ICE Alumna Mashama Bailey accepting the 2022 James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Chef.

Chef Mashama's legacy runs deep at ICE and will continue to thrive with all of the new talent fostered in her name. The deadline to apply for consideration for the scholarship is April 5, 2024.

The second scholarship also pays tribute to a rich legacy — one that helped shape ICE into the school it is today. That scholarship is the FCI Legacy of Excellence Tuition Waiver, named in honor of the French Culinary Institute, which later became the International Culinary Center. 

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In 2021, ICE entered into a licensing agreement with ICC as the school closed, which allowed ICE to carry over FCI/ICC course offerings, such as the Intensive Sommelier Training course, as well as hire many former FCI/ICC staff. The scholarship will offer $15,000 to one student to be used toward any of ICE's career programs at the NY or LA campuses. Those programs include Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts, Restaurant & Culinary Management and Hospitality & Hotel Management.

FCI's influence is evident in every dish an ICE student prepares using precise French techniques. The new scholarship serves to further the FCI/ICC commitment to excellence at ICE and will shepherd future recipients toward their culinary futures. The deadline to apply for consideration for this scholarship is also April 5, 2024.

Jacques Pépin giving a speech at the Institute of Culinary Education.
Jacques Pépin, former Dean of the French Culinary Institute, gives a speech at ICE's party honoring FCI on March 4, 2024. Photo by Rick Smilow.

Additionally, ICE is offering more scholarship funds to high schoolers and recent high school graduates than ever before. This year, ICE is offering 195 scholarships in partnership with ProStart, an in-school program for high school students run by the National Restaurant Association. High school students and recent high school graduates from California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont have the chance to win up to $5,000 each. In order to qualify for the scholarships, students must have participated in the ProStart program in high school and won 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize in their state-level competition.

Students who compete and place at state-level ProStart competitions in Culinary, Management, Cake Decorating (Pennsylvania only) and Burger Battle (New York and Vermont only) in the listed states may win scholarships to use toward a career program at either of ICE's campuses or online. Each member of the prize-winning teams will be eligible to receive the scholarship, if they plan to attend ICE.

The scholarship amounts per state break down as follows:

  • Up to 10 first prize scholarships of $5,000 each
  • Up to 10 second prize scholarships of $3,000 each
  • Up to 10 third prize scholarships of $2,000 each

These new state-level ProStart scholarships are in addition to ICE's National ProStart Competition Scholarships, where potential ICE students can win even more scholarship money by competing at the national level.

More Info on ProStart Scholarships

ICE Chairman and Founder Rick Smilow is elated that the new scholarships will honor ICE's past while looking brightly toward the future. 

"At ICE, our mission is to help all who enter through our doors find their culinary voice," Smilow says. "It is my honor to help even more people to do just that. I'm thrilled to be able to offer these scholarships to deserving future students, especially given the tradition that they will honor."

ICE's progress extends even further. While our on-campus programs continue to thrive, ICE's online offerings are also expanding, with the Pastry and Baking Arts & Food Operations online program slated to start in 2024.

With continued growth and exciting new horizons, 2024 is a great year for a new ICE student to find their culinary voice.

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