Date bark covered in chocolate on a white plate

Pumpkin Spice Date Bark Recipe

The basic recipe — dates, opened and pitted, covered with nut butter and chocolate — went viral. The recipe is deceptively easy and healthy, and, as many home cooks on social media will tell you, it's

ICE LA's Instructor of Restaurant & Culinary Management Trinh Dang

Meet ICE LA Instructor Trinh Dang

"When I told my mom that I was in the food industry, she actually laughed," Trinh says. "She said, 'You were such a picky eater when you were little.' I would chipmunk my food because I didn't want to

Green edamame risotto topped with mushrooms and fried leeks sits in a white plate

Edamame Risotto with Confit Mushrooms

Plating a dish is like creating a work of edible art. There are so many ways to interpret a dish — something as simple as rearranging an element on the plate or switching out a garnish can change the

Four pieces of musubi sit on a white plate

Hawaii Wildfire Relief Resources & Spam Musubi Recipe

At the beginning of August, huge wildfires burned over swaths of land in the western part of the island of Maui. The fires, which were especially destructive in the coastal town of Lahaina and the

ICE students smile in a kitchen

ICE LA Students Cook Competitively For Charity

On June 23, ICE LA partnered with local community services organization Friends In Deed for the organization’s first-ever Cooking for a Cause fundraising event. The event, which was modeled after

An assortment of dishes from Ubuntu sit on a white tablecloth

Chef Shenarri “Greens” Freeman Opens Vegan Restaurant in LA

Ubuntu, the new restaurant helmed by Chef Shenarri, opened at 7469 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood on August 1, where it's serving up a dynamic menu full of West African-inspired flavor. And, as per

Chef Eric Rowse's headshot

ICE LA’s Newest Lead Chef Loves Minecraft

He’s worked as an executive chef and chef de cuisine at multiple restaurants since 2016 and has an ever-growing list of innovative pop-up and brick-and-mortar restaurant ideas. He’s also an avid gamer

A white cake frosted with Chef Carrie Smith's Swiss meringue buttercream recipe

Chef Carrie's Luscious Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe

This recipe, while being one of her go-to's, is also the same recipe used in ICE's Pastry & Baking Arts program. "The basic ratio is very simple. It's one part egg whites, two parts of sugar, two

A person uses a spatula to cook outside on a fiery grill

ICE Chefs' Father's Day Food Traditions

Most chefs, regardless of parental status, know that Mother's Day is actually one of the quintessential examples of a "food holiday." Whether it's brunch reservations at a fancy restaurant snagged

A loaf of Chef Sim Cass' Irish soda bread recipe sits on a piece of parchment paper

Irish Soda Bread Recipe

In The Techniques of Artisan Bread Baking course at ICE, one of the first few recipes students make is Irish soda bread. Many American bakers tend to associate the bread with St. Patrick's Day, though

The Broadway cast of The Phantom of the Opera stands next to Chef Jürgen David's 35th anniversary cake

ICE Makes 5-Foot Cake for "The Phantom of The Opera’s" 35th Broadway Anniversary

Chef Jürgen is a super “phan” in every aspect of the word. He estimates he’s seen the show at least 200 times and has listened to the soundtrack more times that he could ever count. “The show means a

Holiday-themed sugar cookies of various shapes sit on a tray lined with brown parchment paper

Recipe: Foolproof Sugar and Gingerbread Cookies

ICE Los Angeles students, faculty and staff celebrated the holiday season in true culinary school fashion — by baking and decorating lots and LOTS of cookies. The baking bonanza kicked off with a

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