Chef Gabi Chappel's "Next Level Chef" headshot

ICE Alumna Gabi Chappel is a “Next Level Chef”

The Plant-Based Culinary Arts (formerly known as “Health-Supportive Culinary Arts”) graduate is one of the final competitors on the cooking competition show, hosted by Chefs Nyesha Arrington, Richard

Graduates at the ICE LA 2023 commencement ceremony throw their toques in the air in celebration

ICE Launches New Scholarships

ICE recently announced two new scholarships worth up to $35,000 and 195 high school scholarships worth up to $651,000. All are for students pursuing their dreams in the culinary and hospitality

Two plates of whipped feta dip with vegetables and cut fruit

Recipe: Whipped Feta, Two Ways

Cheese is the great unifier. There is at least one variety of cheese to pair with anything, whether the main dish is a savory dinner or a sweet dessert. There is a cheese, however, that offers the

Multiple cookbooks written by Black authors are displayed in ICE's New York campus library

Recommended Cookbooks by Black Authors | Black History Month Special

In practice, a "food tradition" can be simple — cooking a recipe with a particular ingredient; a family trademark. It can also be as complex as a multi-course meal with carefully-curated foods served

A plate with tiramisu.

Chef Jürgen's Elegant Tiramisu Recipe

Being a classic Italian dessert, this “pick me up” (that is the literal translation from Italian) is a crowd pleaser and everyone will have a strong idea about how they like their tiramisu. The basics

A cake decorated with rice paper sails

How to Make Easy, Fancy Cake Decorations

ICE Los Angeles Pastry & Baking Arts Chef-Instructor Carrie Smith has made many cakes throughout her professional career. One of her go-to decorations is the rice paper sail, which is essentially just

A slice of apple pie on a white plate

The Great ICE LA Pie-Off

To celebrate the holiday season, two of ICE LA's Chef-Instructors put their apple pie recipes to the test. The pies came from Assistant Dean of Students, Chef Bridget Vickers, and Pastry & Baking Arts

A pink drink garnished with rosemary and lemon on a white table

Leftover Cranberry Sauce, Meet Cocktail

Once the turkey is all gone, there are myriad ways to repurpose leftover cranberry sauce. Do you eat it as a sweet spread or try to make another savory main dish to go along with it? What can I do

A large turkey roulade roast with a bone sticking out of the end sits on a white plate

Cartoon-Style Turkey “Leg” Roast by Chef Shawn

For his Thanksgiving centerpiece last year, he lit a squash on fire. This year's dish, though not actively en flambé, is even more dramatic. Meet the cartoon turkey "leg" roast. "The people go wild

Stuffing sits on a white plate next to green herbs

Za'atar Seasonal Stuffing Recipe by Chef Stephen

Everyone knows the best part of Thanksgiving is the sides. Among them is stuffing, the darling of the table for carbohydrate-inclined holiday diners. The Institute of Culinary Education's Chef

A sugar skull decorated with blue, yellow, red and black icing

Calaveras (Sugar Skulls) for Día De Los Muertos

Among the many Day of the Dead culinary traditions, one of the most well-known are calaveras, the often ornately decorated sugar skulls so closely associated with the holiday. ICE LA Pastry & Baking

Slices of a purple and orange and white and yellow roulade cake with buttercream pumpkins, ghosts and sprinkles on a white plate

Ghoul Log Halloween Roulade Cake

The most festive cake of the spooky season has arrived: Meet the GHOUL log, an eerie roulade cake decked out for Halloween. A roulade cake, also known as a Swiss roll or a rolled cake, is typically

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