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Marc Melvin

Marc Melvin Goes From Rao's to ICE

Marc has worked in hospitality for 15 years. He learned the ropes at some neighborhood spots and spent the last nine years working front-of-house at Rao’s, the venerated Italian restaurant with tables

Ingredients for dim sum

Deconstructing Dim Sum with Chef Alan Kang

Students at ICE's Los Angeles campus had the opportunity to participate in a four-hour dim sum workshop, the kick-off to our new extracurricular Deep Dive series, exploring ingredients, techniques and

Samuel Clonts

ICE Alum Samuel Clonts' New Take on Fine Dining

New to New York City at 19-years-old, Samuel Clonts enrolled in culinary school looking to break into the world of fine dining. He had kitchen experience from a Ritz-Carlton in Tucson, Arizona, and

a chef grilling steak

How to Grill Steak

Grilling is best suited to tender cuts of beef, such as filet mignon or ribeye, which take a shorter amount of time to cook and have less risk of drying out. These tend to be more expensive, so it's

A Culinary Arts class presents fried snacks

Should I Go to Culinary School?

In my Culinary Arts program, I was with a cohort of 13 students that represented very diverse reasons for being there. On opposite ends of the spectrum, one was a recent high school graduate

pizzas in the oven at Emily

My Introduction to a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Indoor dining is closed. I have no restaurant kitchen experience. It's 11 a.m. on a pandemic Saturday in December, and I’m walking from my apartment in Brooklyn to my trail at Emily, a popular

plated grilled fish at ICE

How to Grill Fish

Clean Your Grill This is the first step to making sure your fish cooks properly. The grill should be clean and smooth to ensure that the heat will diffuse effectively. Chef Sands explains that we put

Irish potato pancakes called boxty

Two Irish Ways to Enjoy Potatoes for St. Patrick’s Day

Ireland’s relationship to the potato is not a simple one. Potatoes are not native to Ireland, but matters of geography, politics, economics and agriculture all played an important part in establishing

fish batters 4 and 5

In Search of the Perfect Fish and Chips Batter

Growing up in England, it was common for me to eat fish and chips regularly. A Friday night at the “chippie,” as we would call it, meant standing in line at the local fish bar, experiencing a sensory

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

What it's Like to Trail at Blue Hill at Stone Barns

The first restaurant kitchen I ever stepped into was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, No. 12 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list at the time. I initially got a sense that this place was unique when I

Short ribs

Sous Vide Grilled Short Ribs

Eating and socializing go hand-in-hand. With each social setting, the food we eat must reflect the circumstance. When our attention is focused on a celebration, a business occasion or a big game, the

infrared charred cabbage

Infrared Cooking 101

What is infrared technology? In short, the technology behind infrared cooking is the use of infrared radiation (IR), also referred to as infrared light: a type of electromagnetic radiation (or energy

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