Management students in class at ICE

Why Culinary Business Training Can Cure the Industry's Vulnerability

After personally going through 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis (that had lasting effects that have not completely dissipated to date), and Hurricane Sandy as a restaurant owner, I can attest that each

Airbnb Experiences

Five Gig Economy Apps to Consider for Chef Work

The term “gig economy” was coined in 2009 by journalist Tina Brown to describe a growing economic shift, whereby many workers were opting out of full-time employment with a single employer, instead

Smorgasburg Brooklyn

How to Land a Spot at Smorgasburg and What to Expect

We met with Zach via Zoom to find out what it takes for chefs and food entrepreneurs to land a coveted spot at Smorgasburg and his advice on how to establish a solid following. Know Smorgasburg’s

Hands fill out financial paperwork

Financial Planning for Small Businesses During COVID-19

Can I apply to both the EIDL and the PPP? Yes, you can apply to the EIDL and the PPP, but the funds cannot be used for the same purposes. If you receive the up to $10,000 grant as part of your EIDL

personal finance paperwork and calculator

Personal Finances in the Time of COVID-19

Especially in light of the (very confusing) recent stimulus bill, I’ve also been reading up on if I can apply for loans as someone who works as an independent contractor. Here, I’ve put together a few

Macarons from Christina Ha's Macaron Parlour

ICE Alum Makes Nonmedical Masks for Macaron Orders

"After closing down my shops, I felt very restless and also almost useless, like I wasn't doing enough, but as I read more and more stories about our healthcare workers not having access to personal

Closed sign hanging in restaurant window

When Disaster Strikes

Thankfully, the firemen did a great job and we reopened about two weeks later. Had it taken longer, we may have never opened. We had no more capital, nowhere else to turn and were out of time. The

Closed restaurant

Restaurants Strategize to Keep Business Alive through Coronavirus Crisis

Julia Sullivan had been paying attention to the news long before she realized it would affect her two businesses in Nashville. She’s the owner of a restaurant called Henrietta Red, part of Strategic

Drew Nieporent outside Tribeca Grill

Day by Day is a Double-Edged Sword

There’s a common theme in the restaurant and hospitality industries, consistently echoed by students, externs and alumni among the reasons for choosing and enjoying their individual career paths

Dialogue interior by Wonho Frank Lee

5 Ways Restaurants Are Reviving Human Interaction

Despite that trend, there are some restaurants around the country fighting to revive face-to-face conversations and restore a sense of humanity to the dining experience. Strategically placed cold brew

A restaurant during slow season

Restaurant Strategies for the Slowest Time of the Year

Here are three perspectives on restaurant management strategies to employ. Go with Guilt-Free Seasonality Los Angeles campus Director of Restaurant & Hospitality Management Mishel LeDoux suggests

Plant Food + Wine keeps its compost box in the middle of the garden bed on its patio.

2019 Sustainability Strides at Restaurants

Reduction and Replacement of Plastic Straws Los Angeles limited plastic straw provision to customer requests in October, following Malibu and Manhattan Beach’s bans on plastic straws and utensils in

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