culinary management class in new york city

Life as a Culinary Management Student: A Professional Game-Changer?

Personally, I try not to get too excited about new opportunities. My optimistic daydreams have resulted in disappointment on many occasions, some worse than others. So in the days leading up to

food styling class at culinary school in new york

14 Food Styling Tips from Food52

Yet—however more appealing it may be—this approach to styling isn’t without its challenges. Narrowing your primary tools to good lighting, beautiful props and high quality raw ingredients makes a

pastry chef jenny mccoy

So You Want to Write a Cookbook? Part V

Creating Your Recipe Roadmap As a first step, I drafted a working list of the recipe ideas I’d like to feature in my cookbook. My new book is contracted to have six chapters and 80 to 100 recipes in


The Restaurant Success Strategy You Can't Afford to Overlook

While restaurant employees are trained to be vigilant about sanitation, food safety and other methods of protecting their guests, unfortunately many restaurant professionals are unprepared for

plating a dessert

Playing with Fire

The thing I value most about being a chef is the community that comes with it; there’s an atmosphere of friendly competition that encourages sharing. As chefs, we can easily get in over our heads. It

Complaint book

The Insta-Complaint: How Social Media is Changing the Hospitality Industry

Have you ever stayed in a hotel where the service didn't meet your expectations? What did you do? If you're like many guests today, you probably pulled out your smart phone and immediately turned to

NYC Pastry Chef Jenny McCoy

So You Want to Write a Cookbook? Part II: Selling Your Proposal

I’m sharing my top three options for aspiring authors, in order of practical preference: But as I warned you in my previous post: writing a cookbook is a labor of love. If you want to cash in and make

Cupcake that fell on the ground

The Death of Cupcakes?

Yesterday, papers and business blogs immediately proclaimed the end of the cupcake trend as the obvious explanation. “Cupcakes are over,” shouts a pundit. “Too much reliance on a single product,” says

cook sketching notes about flavor components for a cookbook

So You Want to Write a Cookbook?

Most aspiring authors have no clue of just how much time and effort goes into writing a cookbook. By the time an author has completed her manuscript, she is often wondering why in the world she signed

ICE students at the 29th annual city meals chef tribute

29th Annual Citymeals Chefs' Tribute

Originally formed in 1985 to celebrate James Beard’s 82nd birthday, Monday night marked the 29th annual Chef’s Tribute to Citymeals-on-Wheels. More than 40 of the country's top chefs kicked off the

suzane goin

Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs: Suzanne Goin

The featured speakers are noted foodservice business leaders from all corners of the industry – winemakers, bakers, chefs, distillers, restaurateurs, bar owners, cheesemongers and more – who are

David Bouley working in the kitchen

Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs: Chef David Bouley

Most recently, my class was lucky enough to visit Chef David Bouley's whimsical TriBeCa restaurant, Bouley Botanical. Filled with window gardens, a gleaming kitchen, film equipment and every type of

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