Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs: Howard Greenstone

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Rosa Mexicano restaurants, Howard Greenstone directs its 12 restaurants in Atlanta, New York, Miami, National Harbor (MD), Hackensack (NJ), Los Angeles

He Said, She Said: Social Media

Vin McCann Presently I’m not sure it’s possible to find any restaurant marketing dialogue that turns a cold shoulder to “social media” such as Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and so on. I’m sure the

Sweet Treats: Gilt Taste

I order my shoes from Zappos and Endless, gleefully trying them on and returning them. I live for subscribe and save at Amazon and Toys 'R' Us for birthdays and I get my groceries delivered from

He Said, She Said: Demand Pricing

Julia Heyer Bloomberg Media’s Dominic Chu (himself no stranger to restaurants) recently featured Grant Achatz’s new place in Chicago, the quarterly changing Next. It looked at the restaurant’s unique

Lessons 97-122: An Eventful Week

Friday was spent trying to prepare for the worst — from talking with others to try to figure out whether to close and what time to close, to figuring out what will happen on Monday if the power goes

He Said, She Said: Trends

Julia Heyer The single food restaurant. It comes in all shapes these days, but generally tends to be small in size to not get bigger than its micro-niche: The Meatball Shop (pretty clear what you get

He Said, She Said: Revisiting America’s Next Great Restaurant

Julia Heyer About a month ago, a new restaurant closed its doors within weeks of opening — generally a bit of a non-event in NYC. However, in this case it garnered some news as it had been the winning

ICE’s Partners Offer Pink Oven in Support of Breast Cancer Research

Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure. As part of the event, BlueStar is auctioning a pink 30-inch gas range valued at $4,700 and VIP dinner for six at Samuelsson’s Red Rooster, one of New York's

Knock! Knock! Housekeeping!

With the song “Walcott,” by Vampire Weekend still playing in my head, (and it has ever since I found out where my field trip was taking place) I approached The Hotel Wolcott for a two-day excursion to

BlueStar at ICE

The ranges and ovens were custom made for ICE by BlueStar, a pioneer, and manufacturer of high-quality, reliable, custom cooking equipment. ICE is proud to announce that BlueStar is the exclusive

The Definition of a Manager

When I think of Flushing, Queens, two things immediately come to mind. As a tennis fan, I think first of the U.S. Open, and second of the theme song from "The Nanny." But all Fran Drescher

He Said, She Said: Passion

Vin McCann This week, I ran across an Associated Press article online that touted the passion that drives the tireless entrepreneurial drive that powers growth in our business. Unfortunately, I found

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