Jeffrey Katz

Jeffrey Katz’s Best Restaurant Management Advice

Director of Restaurant & Hospitality Management Rick Camac asked Jeff about his transition from tenure with a well-established restaurant group to an entrepreneurial endeavor with Executive Chef James

Chefs Andrew Rodriguez and Jennifer Etzkin O’Brien work at hotels.

Hospitality Careers Offer Suite Perks

Several ICE alumni have found careers in hotels — some as chefs and others in hotel dining management and concierge services — that offer rich rewards. For starters, hotel careers reportedly offer

La Cubana is a Cuban restaurant in Meatpacking.

Three NYC Restaurant Openings from ICE Alumni

On June 7, Filipino chef and restaurateur Stephen Young’s latest project with his wife Reggie Aguinaldo, Tsismis, debuted on the Lower East Side with Filipino-American fare from Chef Jappy Afzelius

The interior of Bubby's, a popular brunch destination in New York City.

Ron Silver’s Approach to Restaurant Management

When Ron decided to start a pie company for wholesale customers, he began baking at night in borrowed space. After building up to 90 clients, like Balducci’s and Dean & DeLuca, the restaurant evolved

Debra Rocker of Rocker Bros. Meat & Purveyors shared the ins and outs of sourcing with students at our Los Angeles campus.

Partnering with Purveyors

Here are her top tips on finding and working with the best purveyors for your restaurant. How do you view the chef-purveyor relationship? Most importantly, meat vendors are the chef’s pipeline to one

A hand readies a credit card for a transaction.

Cashless Restaurant Considerations

I know, as I asked on an Instagram post: I got 53 “likes” but no real answers to my question, “Cashless Restaurants – pros and cons?” Out of 11 comments, none really stated an argument. One said,

A standard restaurant kitchen

What Restaurateurs Need to Know Before Signing a Lease

“My life is about helping restaurateurs,” Eddie said. “They have become my friends, who I represent and who I advocate for.” Over the last 16 years, he has helped more than 500 clients successfully

Sameer Bhatt enrolled in ICE’s Restaurant & Culinary Management program to grow his cafe and food-delivery brand in India.

Studying Restaurant Management to Better Scale A Food Business

“We don’t get good quality food late at night,” Sameer explained of New Delhi. “So my brother and I started something from our house where people can actually get a good burger when they get back home

Eater named Tesse LA’s Most Beautiful Restaurant of the Year in 2018.

Restaurant Design Advice from a Los Angeles Expert

“Restaurants are tough business models,” Alexis explains. She goes through a process of discovery to determine what is at the core ⎯ as she describes it, the deep essence and ethos ⎯ of each brand

Missy Robbins is the chef and co-owner of Lilia and Misi.

Missy Robbins’ Approach to Restaurant Management

Missy spoke to students about her career and day-to-day work during the November iteration of ICE’s Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs series. The chef worked in restaurants for nearly 10 years before

The interior of NYC cocktail bar Porchlight. Photo by Liz Clayman.

Porchlight Promotes Another ICE Alum to GM

What brought you to ICE? After graduating high school, I was in school for social work, found a job as a hostess at a restaurant and fell in love with the industry. I went to ICE to take a tour of the

Farley Elliott, senior editor at Eater LA, speaks to ICE Los Angeles students.

5 Tips for Press Coverage from an Eater Editor

In addition to describing how he landed his coveted position (short version: he ate a lot of tacos, pounded the pavement and worked a day job until he could make a full-time living from food writing)

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