Vino: A Summertime Treat

Ways to take your red wine with you year round.


With summer officially here, many people are stocking their fridge with chilled white wines and seasonal, refreshing beers. It has long been a ritual to switch from red to white during this time of year but a recent article from The New York Times highlights ways to take your red wine with you year round. According to the editor Eric Asimov, “most wine drinkers reach reflexively at Memorial Day for whites as if they’re the equivalent of white belts and shoes: enjoyed for the summer and stowed after Labor Day. I hate to say it, but that thinking is as dated as instant coffee; sure, you’ll have something in your glass, but why deprive yourself of so much pleasure?” While a good white wine is always refreshing, you can always chill your red wines to give them a summer feel or perhaps integrate into cocktail.

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