Upcoming Classes: May 2010

Looking for a fun and interesting culinary class? ICE offers more than 1,700 recreational classes each year. Here is a round-up of some of the classes happening this month:

May 14–15 Impressive Historic Desserts

In this historically inspired class, Kathryn Gordon will help you create a completely edible sugar and chocolate display tower decorated with marzipan. On Day 1, you will learn to work with these materials and create the infrastructure for the showpiece. You will also create three Carême-style desserts designed to impress. On Day 2, you will decorate the desserts and finish assembling the showpiece. You will join Cathy Kaufman's Carême and the Grand Art of French Cooking in the 19th Century class to enjoy a meal and your desserts together.

May 21 ICE Wine and Dine Series: Exploring Provence

In this series of extraordinary dinners, Chef Instructor Chris Gesualdi (former executive chef of Montrachet) and Wine Studies Director Richard Vayda team up to explore regional dining from around the world. Their spring stop: Provence, land of sunny cuisine, bright herbs and refreshing wines. The evening will begin with hors d’oeuvres, offering you the opportunity to discuss food and wine with the chef and the sommelier. A four-course meal will follow, during which Vayda will highlight a duo of wines with each course.

May 23 The Complete Chinese Dinner

KianLam Kho, a private chef and writer from New York focuses on understanding good Chinese cooking techniques to create simple and authentic Chinese food at home. This 10-course Chinese banquet is one of KianLam Kho’s signature events. It offers the exciting opportunity to learn a complete dinner party menu, so that you can throw impressive Chinese dinner parties all on your own. 

For details and reservations, register online or call 888.576.CHEF.

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