Sweet Treats: Blue Smoke Bake Shop

My youngest son loves ribs. In fact, that is an understatement.

Let’s just say he seems to have been born part caveman (definitely his father’s side). He will gnaw the life out of any bone as long as it’s dripping in some kind of barbeque sauce. He is also a bit of a “rib snob,” as he has barefacedly told a certain barbeque chef that he didn’t like his over peppered sauce. Needless to say, we have eaten at every rib joint in town several times over and Blue Smoke ranks up there as one of our family favorites.

So when I heard that they had opened a bakery, I was excited, because as much as I like a good rib, I would much rather have a good slice of pie. Blue Smoke Bake Shop, overseen by Pastry Chef Jennifer Giblin, is a cute little annex at the front of Blue Smoke. It is a cornucopia of classic American desserts with a daily selection of cookies, brownies, cupcakes and most importantly, mini pies, the true highlight of the menu.

On my visit, I sampled the Bourbon Pecan, Pear Crumble and my favorite, the Tollhouse Cookie Pie. What can I say — to me, fruit is just a health food trying to pretend its way into dessert, but chocolate chip cookie dough pie, now we’re talking. The crusts are flaky and tender and at $3 a pie they are perfect to guiltlessly enjoy. The only thing that would be better was if you could get those pies à la mode.


A larger selection of whole pies, cakes and cupcakes by the dozen are available with 24 hours notice. These include some of her signature items such as Key Lime and Banana Cream Pie, Boston Cream Cupcakes and her famous Chocolate Layer Cake, which has received many accolades over the years. I will give full disclosure to the fact that I have known Jen for a good part of a lifetime, as she was one of my first cooks.

As we have endured the birth of pastries and children together over the years, I have sampled many if not all of her creations and definitely have a few favorites. Key Lime and Banana Cream Pie are my longtime preferred picks but every once in a while at Blue Smoke proper, she runs a special that I love. I like to call it “Snickers” Pie (although she doesn’t appreciate the nickname). It has all the makings of the classic candy bar. The ingredients combined with the talent of the chef should tell you how good it’s going to be. If you stop by, make sure to ask when they‘re going to have the “Snickers” Pie and tell them that I sent you looking for it.

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