Sweet Treats: The 12 Days of Valentine’s Day

On the first day of Valentines Day… Oh wait, wrong holiday.

Well, Valentine’s Day is here once again and I imagine most of us either look forward to it with giddy anticipation or utter disgust based on our couple status. Well after 10 years of marriage, I’ve learned one very important thing. Make a list, and make it very detailed down to the finest minutiae. So here it is dear hubby, and don’t forget like you seemed to do with the winter holiday festivities.

1) A box of Rigoletto noir chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat — the absolute best confection in the entire world. Each one is a dark chocolate-enrobed caramel crème au beurre, that is to say, whipped caramel butter ganache covered in chocolate. Order early as they will be out of them when you show up at 4:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon. And don’t try to fill in with the milk chocolate variation or any other imposters.

2) A slice of opera cake and a slice of gâteau bressange from Epicerie Boulud. The classic opera combination of hazelnuts, coffee, and chocolate is done lovingly here and the bressange, a cross between brioche and crème fraîche cheesecake is to die for. And while you’re there pick up some of their lovely pâtes and a baguette or two so I don’t have to worry about dinner.

3) A box of assorted macarons from Bouchon Bakery, to include chocolate and caramel for the kiddies and something pink for me.

4) Speaking of something pink, a bottle of Billecart Salmon Rosé, because nothing is better than pink bubbles.

5) And for just a little pinker, a Cuisinart Smart Stick immersion blender in raspberry and a Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker with Hammonds Candy pink vanilla spinning sugar from the new Sur la Table on 57th street.

6) A dozen doughnuts from the Doughnut Plant, to include two crème brûlée, teo coconut crème, two blackout and then your choice for the rest. And grab me an iced Americano while you’re there. They brew the best coffee ever.

7) Some caramel macchiato pudding from Puddin NYC on St Marks place. It’s coffee and chocolate pudding with salted caramel sauce and brownie pieces. It sounds heavenly but it’s so far away, so please go and get me some.

8 ) A pint of Grom’s Crema di Grom — milk gelato with dark chocolate and bits of cornmeal cookies in it. Oh and don’t forget a side of whipped cream.

9) Something from Ladurée, just so I can have the pretty bag and gorgeous box with matching ribbon.

10) One raspberry chocolate chip and one salty caramel cupcake from Sprinkles, because I just keep wanting to love them because everything is just so darn cute even if it’s still just a cupcake.

11) A tin of the chocolate-dipped, heart-shaped Moravian sugar cookies, from the Salem Baking Company.

12) And last but not least a whole lot of hugs and kisses (and some roses would be lovely too, pink not red). Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

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