Summer Steak Workshop

As the warmer weather revs up, chefs are starting to think about how to make the most of this chance to cook outdoors.

Yesterday, ICE’s resident butchering expert, Master Butcher Rudi Weid gave a demo on how to prepare a variety of beef cuts and steaks for summer grilling. Weid fabricated entire sections of beef such as hip and shoulder. He walked through flank, skirt, hanger and flatiron steaks — inexpensive cuts of beef that are not used as much as sirloin steaks. He also deftly broke the hip into the sirloin, tri-tip, and filet. As he broke down the various cuts he showed the audience many lesser-known cuts such as scotch tender.

During the demo, Weid also briefly touched on grass-fed beef and USDA grading for beef, guiding the audience through the grading process and how different cuts may be easier to get in higher grades due to lower demand. Weid also discussed cooking methods to get the best results from each cut. For example, he advised the group to serve skirt steak to people who like steak well done because the meat has so much fat that it remains juicy. He also advised that if you are buying expensive steak, there is no need to marinade it or use flavorful spice rubs; rather use only salt and pepper to highlight the meat’s quality.

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