Summer Cooking for Newlyweds

Couples cooking classes are always a big seller in ICE’s Recreational Cooking department, so it was only natural that cookbook author and ICE alumna Sarah Copeland created and taught a newlywed class.


Earlier this year Sarah published her first book, The Newlywed Cookbook, a colorful and locavore recipe-filled guide encouraging couples to cook together.  But you don’t have to be recently married to enjoy the book’s seasonal recipes and vibrant photographs! I brought my fiancé Luke along (yes, I know, we aren’t newlyweds yet) for a Sunday supper at ICE last week. While we followed a menu based on recipes from her cookbook, Sarah emphasized the importance of good quality ingredients.

We washed and prepared baby arugula, parsley and chervil for a Window Box Green Salad and Sarah passed around a favorite extra virgin olive oil for tasting that we used in a classic vinaigrette.  Luke and I channeled our Italian grandmother as we prepared potato-Parmesan dough and gave our best shot at rolling gnocchi. We found that making those little pillows are a task best done with a partner, as it cuts your prep time in half and leaves more time for eating!

We tossed the finished gnocchi in an herb butter sauce with fresh, haricots verts and wax beans.  To complete our dinner, Sarah swapped out basil for the citrus-like herb sorrel, which she used in a hand-chopped pesto that we served over seared arctic char with sorrel pesto. For dessert, Sarah was kind enough to share a real family favorite, her grandmother’s Sticky-Sweet Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake, which she had made on The Martha Stewart Show just the week before.  Somewhat of a cross between a cobbler and a buckle, it wasn’t hard to see why Martha is a fan of this treat! And since we’re on the cusp of spring and summer in New York City, why not finish the evening with two seasonal desserts?

Sarah also demonstrated her simple method for Cream Biscuits, which she cut into a square for a rustic look. Topped with sliced almonds and a sprinkle of raw sugar, she served the golden biscuits alongside fresh berries and soft-whipped cream.

Looking to get in the kitchen with your newlywed (or in my case, engaged) sweetie? Check out Sarah’s upcoming class at ICE, Date Night Cooking for Newlyweds, this September. Also, check out Sarah’s blog to see what she is up to in the kitchen.  

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