Students On Site: The New York Times Travel Show

Volunteer events are among the many opportunities for ICE students to further their craft. This weekend, Culinary Arts students supported an array of international chefs at the New York Times 10th Annual Travel Show.


From Taiwan to Tanzania, the United States to the United Kingdom, the travel show was a veritable world's fair of food, dance, music, and culture. Renown chefs, such as David Bouley, presented cuisine from around the globe, offering students an unusual chance to dabble in multiple culinary traditions.


In addition to juggling widely different cuisines, students were challenged with limited resources in a time-sensitive environment. At the Latin American stage, for example, Chef Julio from Mexico's El Dorado resort demo-ed his scallop dish with dirty green rice, while ICE student Christian Souvenir rapidly prepared and plated hundreds of tasting portions for the crowd.

It was a grueling schedule for these ambitious, young students, but it proved more than worthwhile. For Christian and his peers, such events are not only an opportunity to hone their skills in an unusual environment but also an invaluable chance to network with professional chefs and potential future employers.

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