In a Nutshell Tapenade

Rethinking the Almond: 5 Video Recipes

When it comes to healthy, delicious cooking, there are few ingredients more tasty or versatile than nuts and seeds. That's why it's no surprise that the latest cookbook from the ICE family, In a Nutshell, is making big waves in the food community.

Written by ICE Director of Education Andrea Tutunjian and Assistant Dean of Students Cara Tannenbaum, the cookbook is an all-in-one-guide to mastering an incredible range of techniques. From sunflower seeds to pepitas, peanuts to macadamias, it's a literal rainbow of protein-packed dips, roasts, desserts and more. In celebration of the book's release,'s #OwnShow checked in with the chefs to learn five unusual ways to use everyone's favorite snack nut: the almond.

Enjoy Cara and Andrea's tips in the videos below, and click the name of each dish for the full recipe!

Tea Smoked Almonds

Triple Ginger Almonds 

Tomato-Almond Tapenade 

Creamy, Crunchy Almond Butter Dip 

White Chocolate-Orange-Almond Bark

Want to write your own cookbook? Check out our DIY guide from ICE Chef Instructor Jenny McCoy, author of Desserts for Every Season.

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