chef sarah chaminade

Meet Chef Sarah

From commercial bakeries and catering to high-end hotel dining, there are few environments where Sarah hasn’t tested her pastry chops. “Depending on your personality or the place you are at in your

kate edwards at the central park hotel

Every Little Thing That Matters

With the recent release of her first book— Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters—she’s sharing her service secrets with aspiring hospitality professionals in the food industry and beyond. We sat

chef robert ramsey is a culinary arts instructor in new york

Meet Chef Robert Ramsey

Like many Americans, ICE Chef Instructor Robert Ramsey rarely thought about the history of the food he ate during childhood. But when his mother insisted he take a summer job at a friend’s restaurant

culinary instructor brian buckley

Meet Brian Buckley

After more than 35 years in the industry, Brian has seen it all—and he’s having the last laugh. “After college, I tried working a normal job writing advertising copy, but after a year, a friend told

Chef Michael Jenkins posing in New York City kitchen

Alex Guarnaschelli's Right-Hand Man

“I remember being young and reading Letters to a Young Chef by Daniel Boulud,” Michael explains. “In it, he says, ‘The first thing you should do in a kitchen is make yourself useful.’ I took that to

chef james distefano teaching a pastry class in new york

Dessert, Redesigned: Meet Chef James Distefano

As the executive pastry chef for this groundbreaking restaurant, James Distefano spent six years translating the principles of classic pastry into award-winning healthy desserts. Today, as a chef

mini hand painted chocolate

NYC Sweets for the Style Set

We checked in with this innovative alum to learn about the training that prepared her for a dynamic career as a culinary entrepreneur. Did you have another career before working in food? I went to

From Restaurants to R&D

We caught up with this trendsetting alum to learn what it’s been like shifting from restaurants to research and development. What was your education or professional background before working in food

chef matt weingarten

Building a Better Food System

Namely, Matt has dedicated his career to reconciling the poetic mission of supporting local, sustainably sourced ingredients with the practical demands of running a successful business. “It’s great

tom voss dean of hospitality management

From Hotel Upstart to Hospitality Expert

Growing up in Tehran, Iran, Tom’s first interaction with the hotel industry came through an ad in the paper. Despite not knowing what the term “bus boy” meant, 20-year-old Tom landed a position at the

Take the Long Road

Alongside her in the kitchen was ICE Culinary Arts alum Michael Jenkins, who has worked under Alex at Butter Restaurant for the past 10 years. Michael began as an extern and currently heads the

alumni from the institute of culinary education Arnold Myint

The Restaurateur as Entertainer: ICE Alum Arnold Myint

Initially, Arnold’s passion for performance led him to New York City, in hopes of transforming his figure skating training into a career on Broadway. While he was auditioning, Arnold supported himself

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