Out of the Woods: A Whole Wild Boar

Yesterday afternoon, Master Butcher Rudi Weid was on hand at ICE to give a demonstration on taking apart a whole wild boar.

Wild boar is a highly-prized game meat, often found on menus in high-end restaurants. Wild boars can be very large, but this particular wild boar weighed almost 60 pounds. Chef Rudi expertly butchered the boar efficiently and cleanly; all while explaining the various cuts and muscles to the students in the audience. He walked them through fabricating the neck, back and shoulders to the ribs, loin, hind and shanks.


The meat of wild boars in much leaner than that of domestic pigs. Chef Rudi warned, "Don't overcook it. It will dry out because there is so little fat." Not only did the audience get to watch the boar be cut down into its various parts, they were also able to sample the meats. Director of Student Affairs Andy Gold prepared a slow-roast boar leg with garlic, rosemary, mustard seed oil and fennel seed, as well as searing pieces of sirloin for the students to try. For many of the students,  it was their first taste of wild boar. Everyone found the experience interesting andilluminating.

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