Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson cookbook and a dish prepared from a recipe in the cookbook

ICE & IBM Cookbook Hits Stores

The culmination of three years of research and creativity, Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson is a revolutionary new cookbook revealing the inner workings of ICE’s collaboration with IBM. For the first time ever, the general public will be able to experience the flavor pairing potential of Watson’s AI system, as realized through the recipes of ICE chefs.


From a Peruvian spin on poutine to a savory dessert pudding that incorporates both bacon and mushrooms, these recipes may initially appear odd, but the results are far more than the sum of their parts. For aspiring chefs and current culinary professionals, this cookbook explores a new source of inspiration for dish development, based not on personal experience, but rather on the unexpected molecular potential of everyday ingredients.

The resulting dishes are surprisingly innovative, taste superb and provide a "synergy” of mouthwatering ingredients that will delight any food lover. – Fox News

A huge thank you to the ICE chefs and culinary experts who collaborated on this project: James Briscione, Michael Laiskonis, Anthony Caporale, Sabrina Sexton and Michael Garrett. We’d also like to acknowledge the exquisite photography of longtime ICE collaborators Diane Cu-Porter and Todd Porter, as well as the design direction of cookbook master Don Morris. Last but not least, thank you to our partners at IBM for helping us take culinary creativity to a whole new level!

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