ICE Awards Partial Scholarhip at A Slice of Latin America

The annual gala follows a cook-off at ICE with Latin food and fundraising.

Last night, The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families (CHCF) held A Slice of Latin America, its 12th annual gala. CHCF provides programs and services such as childcare and education for Latino children and their families.

The gala is a great party with lots of food, drink, and music from some amazing local chefs. As part of their programs, CHCF also encourages careers through the culinary arts for Latino high school students. Last month, they held their annual Latin Legacy Culinary Competition at ICE and after a cook-off between three very talented high school students, awarded a $15,000 partial ICE scholarship to Katherine Cruz.

ICE Director of Student Affairs Andy Gold, who was one of the gala’s co-chairs, presented her with the award at the event. The fundraiser also offered a chance to taste some of the best Latin food in the city. Chefs such as Patricio Sandoval of Mercadito, Sue Torres of Sueños and ICE alum Ivy Stark of Dos Caminos were on hand serving tastings of a wide variety of dishes such as churros, empanadas, tacos and guacamole. We believe that culinary education is a way to change lives and were glad to be there to support CHCF and their efforts to create a brighter future for children in New York.

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