The Great New York Steakhouse

Vegetarians beware. “An omnivore’s DELIGHT” should be the sub-title to this culinary class series. Chef Jane Brock led our full 16-person class through the ins and outs of how to cook a proper steak during ICE’s wildly popular The Great New York Steakhouse class.

Plus, the meat-lovers evening included an added bonus of learning how to make steakhouse specialties like shrimp cocktail, clams casino (my personal favorite), creamed spinach, truffled mashed potatoes and bread pudding. Here are some of the best tips from Chef Brock for cooking like a carnivore:

Don’t try to cook the steak entirely on the grill! Use the grill to get a good browning, but the second half of the cooking time should be in the oven. This allows you to cook the steak to a safe temperature without burning it. (Beef and Lamb at 400ºF and chicken and pork at 350ºF)

Never pour hard alcohol from the bottle! This creates the opportunity for the stream to catch on fire and potentially lead to an exploding bottle. Always pour alcohol for a recipe into another, open-mouthed container prior to adding it to the pan.


Don’t crowd the steaks! There should always be a good amount of grill framing each cut of steak. This prevents them from cooking unevenly (the other uncooked steaks will keep your steak from getting heat on all sides).

Never glaze meat while it’s still on the grill! This increases the odds of burning the glaze and therefore ruining the meat itself. Don’t risk it! If you’re going to glaze the meat, always glaze just before you put it in the oven.

To keep garlic your friend, you should always “de-germ” it. When you smash a garlic clove there is a tougher green-ish center to each clove. This is indigestible and is usually the irritant that keeps people from eating garlic for fear of it backing up on them. By removing this germ you get full flavor and full enjoyment! To get your own chance to put these tips and more into motion, sign up for your choice of ICE’s Steakhouse Series classes that include favorites like The Italian Steakhouse, The Texas Steakhouse and The South American Steakhouse.

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