Goodbye to Arnold

On last night’s episode of Top Chef we said goodbye to ICE alum Arnold Myint.

In a season that has been full of drama, last night’s episode did not disappoint. We were excited to see what would happen after watching Arnold win the challenge with his lamb kofta the previous week, but things didn’t turn out as we had hoped.

After cooking both adult and baby-friendly versions of the same meal in the Quickfire, the chefs paired up to make a breakfast, lunch and dinner suitable for Hilton hotels. Arnold and Lynne paired up to make a tortilla española for breakfast, a tuna cannelloni for lunch and red curry mussels with squid ink pasta for dinner. There was some friction between the two when Lynne wanted to wait until the very last second to cook the pasta to be sure it wasn't overcooked, but the judges found it to be undercooked and noted that the dish may have been too avant-garde for a hotel menu.

In the end, both Arnold and Lynne were sent home. While we are sad to see Arnold go, we couldn’t be happier that he made it this far and represented ICE so well. For now, another chef-testant with a tie to ICE remains. Kelly Liken is one of the food professionals profiled in ICE President Rick Smilow’s book, Culinary Careers. So far in the season, things haven’t gone smoothly for her (Kelly and Arnold fought in week two over sharing credit for their team’s pork carnitas). We’ll be curious to see how the rest of the competition plays out. We’ll miss you, Arnold! And remember, there’s always the fan favorite competition!

For more info on Arnold, check out this Top Chef video. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook or his blog, and check out his website.

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