Everyone Cooks Everything: Steakhouse

One of the most classic of all-American dishes is steak.

Sadly, it is also one of the easiest dishes to cook incorrectly. You can’t just look at a piece of steak and know that it is done underneath that seared exterior, so how can you tell when you’ve achieved steak perfection? And how do you prepare the perfect steak while also trying to whip up a buffet of accompanying side dishes? These questions have always left me perplexed and most nights, I’ve opted out of even attempting steak. Luckily for me, I was able to learn how to tackle steak night at home in the Everyone Cooks Everything: Steakhouse recreational cooking class at ICE.

Teams of two split up and conquered the entire recipe packet of steakhouse meals, from appetizer to dessert. From beet salad to hash browns, and sautéed spinach to Baked Alaska, we feverishly worked together as we prepared one of the most succulent meals I have ever made. The showstopper of the night was obviously the 1 3/4–pound Porterhouse steak with a balsamic-thyme reduction. Let me tell you, it was amazing! The balance of tart and sweet in the balsamic drizzled over the tender juicy meat was a match made in heaven.

Cooking a steak of this size is no easy task. Here are a few tips to get you started the next time you want to bring the steakhouse to your home: *Bring the porterhouse to room temperature before cooking by taking it out of your refrigerator 30 to 45 minutes before you are ready to cook it. 

If you are pan-searing a steak, always use a cast-iron skillet. The heavy-duty skillet will distribute the heat evenly, leaving you with a beautiful sear. Always let your steak rest for 10 minutes after cooking. This allows the juices in the steak to redistribute evenly throughout the meat, so each bite is juicy and tender. I can’t promise that every steak you make will come out perfectly, but if you take this class you will leave ready and able to plan your next steak dinner!

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