Chef Michael Laiskonis is demonstrating the fanning and cracking process of chocolate making

Watch Michael Laiskonis Craft the Perfect Chocolate Bar — in 60 Seconds

Don't be fooled by the video: though it may seem like a piece of (chocolate) cake, careful thought and calculation goes into each stage. According to Chef Michael, "Every step of the chocolate-making

Kelly Newsome in the kitchen at Institute of Culinary Education

This ICE Culinary Student Proves: It's Never Too Late

First, she enrolled at New York University’s master’s program in food studies and spent three years working full-time while burning the midnight oil between classes and assignments. Then, she landed

how to slice steak like a chef

How to Find the Grain and Slice Steak Like a Chef

One of the most common mistakes with steak preparation is not in the cooking — it’s in the cutting. Meat has long muscle fibers that are naturally chewy and tough: Cutting across makes each piece of

hazelnut chocolate truffles handmade by chef michael laiskonis

How Many Batches Of Chocolate Have We Made?

Having produced over 120 batches of chocolate with beans sourced from more than 20 countries, the Chocolate Lab has given Chef Michael the chance to tinker with each step of the chocolate-making

salmon filet Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

Yes, You Can Fillet a Whole Fish Like a Chef — Here's How

Watch as Chef Sabrina Sexton, ICE’s Culinary Arts program director, uses a range of Wüsthof blades to fillet a beautiful red snapper. Check out our tips below, outlining the technique, then head to

chef demonstrating their knife skills cutting celery in new york

How to Slice, Dice and Julienne Like a Chopped Champion

They look simple, but don’t skip these essential skills — mastering these cuts will make you a better, more efficient chef, as you use them again and again for mise en place and more. {"preview

pastry arts class learning how to cut and decorate a cake

Knife Skills: How to Create Perfect Tiers for Your Layer Cake

With the right tools and an expert teacher, it doesn't have to be. That’s why ICE + Wüsthof partnered to present a knife skills video demonstrating the proper knife and technique for splitting a cake

2017 culinary school graduation

Toques Off to ICE’s 2017 Graduates!

ICE President Rick Smilow welcomed 600 proud family and friends to share in the ICE graduates' accomplishments. Rick noted the diversity of the students, who represented all of ICE’s career programs —

the hydroponic garden at institute of culinary education in new york city helps eliminate food waste

The Zero Waste Food Conference Hosted by ICE and The New School

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Wusthoff chefs knife next to a whole fish that has been cleaned and is ready to debone

How to Chiffonade, Chop and Slice Different Herbs

A beautifully plated, delicious dish often seems incomplete without at least a hint of greenery. But selecting herbs to adorn your dish is only half the battle — the other half is prepping them. Chefs

chef demonstrating their knife skills cutting celery in new york

Knife Skills Like You've Never Seen Before

As any chef will tell you, knife skills are equally crucial. That’s why ICE and Wüsthof are combining over four decades of culinary technique and 200 years of craftsmanship to roll out a new video

frank proto chef instructor in new york

What Some of America’s Best Chefs and Restaurateurs Are Saying About ICE Students — Watch and Find Out!

ICE’s light, airy facilities overlooking the Hudson River make it a unique and inspirational learning environment. Zac Young, ICE graduate and Pastry Director of Craveable Hospitality Group, said, “It

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