Ashley Merriman chef of prune in new york

My Culinary Voice: Ashley Merriman

For Chef Ashley Merriman, her culinary career began at the dish pit. Before competing on "Top Chef" and graduating from ICE’s Culinary Arts program, she worked as a dishwasher after school. One

chef david burke

My Culinary Voice: Chef and Restaurateur David Burke

Chef David Burke is one of the most prominent chefs in New York City — he's operated and consulted on more than a dozen restaurants across the country — and that’s for a good reason. Trained at the

chef michael white

My Culinary Voice: Chef Michael White

Like choosing a favorite child, it's not easy to choose a favorite restaurant. Still, when taken to task, top chefs consistently pick Marea, Chef Michael White’s Michelin-starred mecca for Italian

eden grinshpan

My Culinary Voice: Chopped Judge Eden Grinshpan

If you’re trying to figure out where the cool kids in New York are eating or just looking for delicious, DIY home-cooking inspiration, look no further than the Instagram feed of Eden Grinshpan

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

My Culinary Voice: Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

When it comes to palate training, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli started young. The daughter of a busy cookbook editor, Alex spent her childhood surrounded by a smorgasbord of food and culinary trends. Since

chef duff goldman

My Culinary Voice: Chef Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman’s slogan is simple: If you can dream it, we can create it. Whether it’s a lifelike Betty White cake or a multi-tiered, hand-painted wedding cake (with or without lasers), the pastry chef

chef removing chocolate bar from mold

Watch Now: A Chocolatier in the Making at ICE

The Hong Kong native had relocated to York to study archaeology, but one sip of the famed York Cocoa House hot chocolate and he knew his future lay in the art of chocolate making. Soon after his visit

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

Move Over Mister Softee

As a bonus, two of them just happen to be vegan. Even better, the only kitchen equipment you’ll need is a hand blender and a jar. First on the menu is Peanut Butter & Jelly — with raspberries and

Kelly Newsome in the kitchen at Institute of Culinary Education

This ICE Culinary Student Proves: It's Never Too Late

First, she enrolled at New York University’s master’s program in food studies and spent three years working full-time while burning the midnight oil between classes and assignments. Then, she landed

how to slice steak like a chef

How to Find the Grain and Slice Steak Like a Chef

One of the most common mistakes with steak preparation is not in the cooking — it’s in the cutting. Meat has long muscle fibers that are naturally chewy and tough: Cutting across makes each piece of

hazelnut chocolate truffles handmade by chef michael laiskonis

How Many Batches Of Chocolate Have We Made?

Having produced over 120 batches of chocolate with beans sourced from more than 20 countries, the Chocolate Lab has given Chef Michael the chance to tinker with each step of the chocolate-making

salmon filet Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

Yes, You Can Fillet a Whole Fish Like a Chef — Here's How

Watch as Chef Sabrina Sexton, ICE’s Culinary Arts program director, uses a range of Wüsthof blades to fillet a beautiful red snapper. Check out our tips below, outlining the technique, then head to

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