A bowl of fettucine alfredo

Chef Frank's Fettuccine Alfredo

"Fettuccine alfredo, the way it's meant to be ... doesn't take a lot of ingredients, and everyone loves it," Chef Frank says. "I serve it during the holidays. It's a labor of love." He starts with

Chef Adriana Urbina's rib-eye steak with bearnaise sauce

Chef Adriana's Sous Vide Steak, Marinade and Bearnaise

"I wanted to combine my love for cooking meat and a little bit of the experience that I had in France," Chef Adriana explains. She selects a 1 1/2-inch thick cut of rib-eye, leaves the bone in for

Croissant Cinnamon Rolls

Croissant Cinnamon Rolls with Homemade Filling

Chef Tracy steps her roll recipe up with croissant dough, a sweet filling incorporating maple and bourbon, and mascarpone: the Italian cream cheese that is sweeter and creamier than traditional

Chef Penny's pancakes are served with candied bacon and apple butter.

Chef Penny's Pro Pancakes

Chef Penny says she likes to add things to her recipes anywhere she can make it more interesting. For pancakes, she creates a more complex flavor with whole wheat flour, adds color and depth with

Chef Chris Scott's Carolina-style barbecue sample dish.

Carolina-Style Pork Barbecue

There’s a river in South Carolina called the Pee Dee River, and anything east of that is vinegar-based barbecue: cider, brown sugar, chili flakes, if you like it spicy; it’s very wet. It’s mopped on

Buttermilk Lemonade Fried Chicken

Chef Chris Scott's Buttermilk Lemonade Fried Chicken

Chef Chris leaves the bones inside a chicken for juiciness and breaks the bird down into eight pieces. He uses a vacuum seal bag for his brine, removes excess air to compress the flavor of the brine

Belgian Yeast Raised Waffle with Speculoos and Toffee Sauce

This Belgian Waffle Recipe Incorporates Cookies

"I've been making this yeast-raised dough recipe for a very long time: It's going to be super fluffy and light on the inside and caramelized and crunchy on the outside," Chef Tracy says. "This is

Grilled chicken plated with lemon wedges

The Grilling Trick You Have Yet to Try

So what’s the secret ingredient? Plain yogurt. It’s inexpensive, readily available and incredibly versatile. Yogurt seems like an uncommon ingredient for cooking and grilling because most Americans

Chef Arnold Myint makes Thai barbecue

Chef Arnold Myint’s Thai-Inspired Barbecue Recipes

“Everything I had, though very inexpensive and casual, was full of technique, philosophy and flavor,” Chef Arnold says. When chefs get time away from the kitchen, it’s a common practice to tap into

Patriot's Pie

How to Make Patriot’s Pie

"The Fourth of July is a symbol of American pride, and no dessert is more American than a classic pie," Maddie says. "Buttermilk pie was adapted by settlers in the South because they had an abundance

Strawberry shortcake bites are served on platters.

Chef Tracy's Single-Bite Strawberry Shortcake

One of my favorite things about summertime in New York City is the Union Square Greenmarket. When I worked at abc kitchen, we got all of our summer berries from Berried Treasures Farm, which has a

Pantry Top Five Recipe Edition: Rice Vinegar

Just swapping out a few ingredients in your pantry can make a positive impact on your health. Chef Elliott Prag has shared his top five pantry staples based on macrobiotics, an old Japanese tradition

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