Red Rooster Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson on His Most Important Work Ever

Eight weeks into New York City's shutdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, Chef Marcus Samuelsson took a break from packing thousands of meals for the daily line outside Red Rooster to inspire ICE

Missy Robbins and Rachel Yang are nominated for James Beard Awards

ICE Alumni Among 2020 James Beard Award Finalists

Rachel Yang (Culinary, ‘01) was nominated for Best Chef: Northwest & Pacific. She co-owns three restaurants in Seattle and one in Portland with her husband, who is also a chef, Seif Chirchi. The

David Zilber

David Zilber Divulges what it's like to Direct the Noma Fermentation Lab

"We're basically a team of four or five people that are left to our devices to just innovate in this one field and deal with other special projects that come our way and, of course, write books and do

Dana Cowin

Industry Insights from Dana Cowin

Most recently, Dana's involved with restaurant advocacy through ROAR, which she shared more about along with insights from her culinary career and her outlook for the future. Here are some of the

Meryl makes pasta

Meryl Feinstein’s Path to Pasta Social Club

With the pandemic shelter-in-place orders in full swing, Meryl, who is based in Austin, Texas, and travels to New York frequently, is hosting Pasta Social Club events online, connecting with eager

Chef Abbie Gellman, MS, RD, CDN

This ICE Alum Uses Her Culinary Diploma as a Registered Dietitian

“Every day is different. If I had to do the same thing every day, I’d be so bored,” Abbie says. Thanks to multiple degrees and years of experience, the New York City-based chef doesn’t have to. For

Clare Langan home cooking

An ICE Alum's Career Curating Food Trends

When Clare began Culinary Arts classes at ICE in 2011, she'd thought long and hard about pursuing a culinary education. She grew up cooking and her passion for the art had grown throughout her life

Chef-Instructor Mike Pergl with Culinary Arts students

Chef Mike Pergl's Immeasurable Impact on Culinary Education

"When ICE first opened in Pasadena, the entire faculty went out to dinner," Campus President Lachlan Sands shared in an email to students and alumni. "There were eight of us. We went around the table

Semolina pasta

How a Career Changer Followed Her Heart to Pasta Production

Little did they know, the steadily inclining pasta business was about to boom. Denà’s role of producing and packaging dried pasta has intensified weeks into her new, now full-time, position as a

Chef Missy Smith-Chapman

Meet Health-Supportive Culinary Arts Lead Chef Missy Smith-Chapman

Chef Missy remembers her “hippy-spirited” parents taking her and her sister along for sit-ins, protests and the occasional Hare Krishna event when she was a child, not because they were part of the

Chef Lachlan Sands is the president of ICE's Los Angeles campus.

Meet Los Angeles Campus President Lachlan Sands

Early in his professional life, Lachlan traded a stint in the healthcare industry to pursue his true passion: food. The Australian-born chef and president happily informs the Institute of Culinary

Maialino Mare executive chef Rose Noel

ICE Alum Opens Maialino Mare in Washington, D.C.

“I’ve been cooking for as long as I could see above the stovetop, but it wasn’t a viable profession to my parents, so I didn’t see it as anything serious,” Chef Rose says. Growing up, she cooked in

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