ICE alum Geoffrey S Blair is a food scientist at TreeHouse Foods.

Forging a Path to Food Science

“The instructors were extremely knowledgeable,” Geoffrey says. “Chef Kathryn Gordon was always saying, ‘you’ll get out of this what you put into it,’ and it was so true because there was so much

Danna Matute is the farm manager at ICE.

Meet the Farm Manager

Danna developed an interest in hydroponic farming in an environmental science class on soils in college. After graduating with a degree in psychology, she knew she wanted to work with plants and

Q&A with NGI Alum Gabrielle Kennedy

What led you to enroll in the Chef’s Training Program at NGI? I grew up in Cape Cod and was always very in touch with nature and inspired by what nature could provide. I got into cooking in my late-20

Chef Kofi Dish

Q&A with NGI Alum, Chef Kofi

How did you become interested in food? I always had an interest in food. From the age of 12 I was in kitchen cooking meals for my family as my mother was pregnant at the time. I can still remember the

Life in NYC as an International Student

When you read this article, I will have already left New York City and settled down in Beijing. Looking back, I consider the six and half months in NYC as the turning point of my life. Changing

Chef Elliot Prag

Q&A with Chef Elliott Prag

Tell us a bit about your background. I’m originally from Detroit, and I love my hometown. My childhood in a Jewish suburb was unremarkable, except that my mother had built a beautiful horse farm in

Q&A with Daniel Biron, Executive Chef & Owner of Teva in Rio de Janeiro

When did you become interested in food and cooking, and how did you know NGI was the right culinary school for you? I've been fascinated by the food industry for a long time. While transitioning to a

Q&A with NGI Alum John Morris

John, you have a very unique professional background. Can you tell us about your experience of being an Olympic curler? The Olympic experience was one of the most amazing of my life. Curling is a

Erica Leazenby

Q&A with Erica Leazenby

Read on to learn about her important work as a physician and why she pursued professional culinary training. Tell us about your professional background as a medical doctor. As a traditionally trained

Annemarie Colbin Ph. D

Remembering Annemarie, a Pioneering Force of Nature

This month, in remembrance of her passing last April, the staff of Natural Gourmet Institute (better known as “NGI” or “The Natty G” by some students and alumni) got together to remember Annemarie. We

Student Stories: Pablo Garcia

How did you know culinary school was the right step for you? I’ve always loved eating good food, ever since I was a child. As an adult - especially after becoming a health and lifestyle coach through

Emma on Eat Our Feelings

Meet Emma Gonzalez

Prior to completing the Natural Gourmet Institute's Chef's Training Program, Emma Gonzalez graduated from NYU with a BFA in Dramatic Writing. A vegetarian, healthy-cooking advocate and sitcom lover

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