A chef carves a turkey at ICE.

Thanksgiving 2018: Pro Advice from ICE

ICE chef-instructors share their expertise on savvy hosting, saving money and safety tips for your holiday gathering.

The holidays are here, and the Institute of Culinary Education is your go-to resource for cooking, baking and entertaining any time of year. In preparation for Thanksgiving, our pros have been advising local and national news outlets, from Forbes to People magazine. Here are some of their top tips to glean.

  • Planning like a Chef: Dean of Restaurant & Hospitality Management Rick Camac advises, “consider people, portions and yields” when choosing your turkey. The former restaurateur of The Fatty Group has more than 10 years of experience measuring meat supply. Read his yield rule and tips for ordering online in “How to Host Thanksgiving for the First Time: 5 Tips for Preparation” on NBC News.
  • Cooking, Carving and Creativity with Leftovers: Culinary Arts Program Director Sabrina Sexton shares how to read a turkey label, season and roast the meat, and rest it before carving. When you’re ready to serve the bird, Chef Sabrina advises, “remove large pieces, like the legs and breast, and then cut these into smaller portions.” See her turkey techniques and quesadilla recipe for leftovers in “Turkey 101: A Foolproof Guide To Nailing Thanksgiving's Main Attraction, Without Getting Too Fancy” on Forbes.

    Fried turkey
    Chef Sabrina shares tips on deep-frying turkey with People.
  • Fire, Knife and Food Safety: Chef Sabrina addresses nine avoidable safety risks, from salmonella to food poisoning and advises, “put cooked food in the oven while finishing other preparations to keep food safe and hot, rather than sitting around at room temperature.” Learn what to throw on a fire if it does break out in “All of the Cooking Safety Hazards That Can Happen on Thanksgiving — and How to Avoid Them” on People.
  • The Proof is in the Pie: Los Angeles campus chef-instructors Louis Eguaras and Missy Smith-Chapman judged an iHeart Radio pie-baking contest. Chef Missy advises making custard pies low and slow, and Chef Louis evaluates the color, shine and design of three variations. See how cooking temperatures, filling and crusts affect regular, gluten-free and vegan pumpkin pies on Valentine in the Morning.

Get pro Thanksgiving recipes on DICED and study with these chef-instructors in ICE's Culinary Arts program.

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