Kate Ray prepping greens

From Tech Startup to Dirt Candy

When Kate Ray graduated from New York University with a degree in journalism and psychology in 2010, she launched her very own tech company. At the time, the tech world embraced imaginative ideas and

Josh McCain

ICE Alum Combines Management and Pastry Training for Chocolate Company

Joshua McCain (Management, ‘18/Pastry, ‘21) didn’t always love to cook. At first, he simply made food to help his family. As the oldest of four children to a single mother, Joshua was often

David Schneider at Portale Restaurant

David Schneider's Path to Portale

From a young age, food was a major influence for David Schneider (Culinary, ‘02). “I grew up in a family of foodies,” David says. “In Huntsville, Alabama, there weren’t a tremendous number of great

Chef Shenarri Greens at Cadence

ICE Alum Shenarri “Greens” Freeman Opens Vegan Soul Food Restaurant

Growing up in Richmond, Virginia, Shenarri “Greens” Freeman (Health-Supportive, ‘20) showed an interest in wellness from an early age, but it wasn’t until her hospitality industry lifestyle began to

Chefs Greg Proechel (Culinary, ‘10) and Victor Amarilla (Culinary, ‘15)

ICE Grads Team Up to Open NYC Tapas Bar

Though the duo’s new venture is a hit, it was an unsuccessful restaurant in Times Square that introduced the two chefs. Chef Greg, who was consulting at the establishment, was immediately impressed

Chef Peter Martinez on Hell's Kitchen

This ICE Alum Competed on Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen"

The New Jersey native ended up earning a liberal arts degree and spending over a decade working at Whole Foods and Day One Electronics before he decided to change careers to restaurant cooking. With

Wonjei Hwang

A Management Grad Brewing Success in the Coffee Industry

Wonjei first moved to the U.S. to earn his undergraduate degree in computer science from Indiana State University. While completing his studies, he worked a part-time job as a barista to make extra

Charles Taylor making pastries with classmates

From Passionate Athlete to Pastry Cook in France

“My uncle was a pastry chef and I used to watch him make these huge, elaborate cakes,” Charles remembers. “I knew I wanted to do that someday, but I got into the martial arts with my cousin, Malik

ICE alumni cookbook author Sarah Copeland

Winter Food Books by ICE Alumni

Black, White, and The Grey: The Story of an Unexpected Friendship and a Beloved Restaurant By Mashama Bailey (Culinary, '01) and John O. Morisano In 2014, a Black chef from Queens and a white media

Villanelle Executive Chef Tyler Heckman

Tyler Heckman Named Executive Chef at Villanelle

Growing up in central Connecticut, Tyler Heckman (Culinary, ‘15) displayed artistic talent from an early age. He attended a magnet high school for visual arts, then studied illustration at the

Frenchette Pastry Chef Michelle Palazzo

Pastry Chef Michelle Palazzo's Path to Frenchette Bistro and Bakery

“I started pretty young,” Michelle admits. “I begged my mom to send me to cooking camp when I was a kid.” Throughout middle school and high school, her goal was to attend culinary school. At 18 years

Chef David Gross

A Hotel Chef Combines Fine Dining and Catering

“I’ve always liked having a job where you could produce something tangible,” David explains, referring to his early years at the drive-thru. In high school, he also worked as a deli sandwich maker and

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