Wild Game Domain: Rustling Up A New Radio Show

Chad Pagano's backstory isn't that of your average pastry chef. Long before he spent his days instructing in the art of kneading dough, he was serving in the United States Army's 10th Mountain Division, utilizing his recreational hunting skills as a scout/sniper. After leaving the army, Pagano enrolled in culinary school, where he discovered a passion for natural, earthy and organic foods.

chef-chad-military-300x342Rising through the ranks of the New York restaurant scene, Chef Chad served in a number of restaurant and hotel kitchens, eventually landing a leading role as Executive Pastry Chef at renown New York caterer Great Performances, before joining the ranks of ICE's Pastry & Baking Arts instructors in 2002.

Ten years of flour-laden work later, Chef Chad is bringing his hunting and foraging past to the forefront. After a guest appearance on Culinary Arts instructor Erica Wides' radio show, Let's Get Real, he set his eyes on bigger game, launching his own radio series, Wild Game Domain: from the Hunt to the Hearth, on Heritage Radio Network.


Every Tuesday at 11 AM, tune in to hear Chef Chad's thoughts on hunting, harvesting and the sustainable consumption of wild or foraged foodstuffs. You can also download MP3s of past episodes, including today's pilot.

Looking for a more hands-on experience? Whip up recipes from Chef Chad's wild game repertoire - while listening to his favorite hunting stories - in his brand-new recreational class.

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