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Our Top Five Stories of 2021

This is what you our readers enjoyed most

Food stories are universal, and here at ICE we want to share those stories, along with our knowledge and expertise, directly with you. 

Home kitchens are often the place where friends and family gather to tell stories and make memories. Here are some of the top stories we took from our kitchens that we wanted to share with you.

Four All-Purpose Flour Alternatives

This guide to understanding healthy wheat-flour alternatives was our top story of 2021. ICE Chef Palak Patel shares tips on how to store different kinds of flour, the different properties of each and then shares a buckwheat flour flapjack recipe to help get you started exploring new foods.

What Michelin Stars Mean

Many of our alumni go on to cook at — and even run — Michelin-starred restaurants, but what exactly does that accolade mean? 

Michelin stars are considered a hallmark of fine dining, and they’re not so easy to earn. A restaurant can receive between one and three stars, and the inspectors who dole out the honors are totally anonymous. 

Things to Know Before Culinary School

Have you been asking yourself if you should go to culinary school? To help you decide, we laid out some basic facts and tips to know before kickstarting your culinary career at ICE.

Here’s one piece of advice that will help you thrive in professional kitchens: clean as you cook. Keeping a clean station is stressed in both the classroom and restaurant kitchens, so getting into the habit of being neat will prepare you for your professional career.

Pursue your culinary dreams at ICE.

Giving New Life to Vintage Chocolate Molds

ICE’s Creative Director Chef Michael Laiskonis is an avid student of chocolate history, culture and manufacturing who collects all kinds of food artifacts, including several vintage chocolate molds dating back 100 years or more.

He found a letter and number mold from the 1920s and a rare hinged cigar mold, and then went on a journey to refurbish and mold his own chocolate from these beautiful molds. 

How to Cook an Egg

This may sound like a simple kitchen task, but many of you wanted to better understand how to make a proper egg. 

ICE alum Melissa Lamothe shares some tips and explains why it’s so important to get good at cooking this delicate ingredient in restaurant settings where you could be serving hundreds of them during a busy brunch service.   

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