Start Your Own Food Blog

Food blogs have rapidly become the online medium for anyone looking to increase their food knowledge. From recipes, to restaurant reviews, new food trends to celebrity chef-tell alls, food blogs are the news source for all things food!

With thousands of blogs to choose from, starting your own food blog can be a challenge. Brooke Parkhurst, author of Belle in the Big Apple and co-author of Just Married and Cooking, is a pro when it comes to blogging. Aside from publishing two books, Parkhurst recently relaunched and manages the blog Just Married & Cooking with her husband ICECulinary Arts Chef Instructor James Briscione.

Parkhurst shared her knowledge of food blogging in the ICE Center for Food Media Course, How to Start Your Own Food Blog. In this workshop, Parkhurst leads the class through an informative, workshop-style seminar on how to get your food blog up and running. She explained that before anything else you’d need to determine what service you plan to provide to your audience. While jumping from topic to topic may provide a lot of information, you need to find a niche — what will set you apart from other blogs — and roll with it. Here are few important tips to get you started: 

Select an identifiable and simply descriptive name for your blog. 

Once you determine your blog name, buy your URL! If you don't, someone else eventually will. 

Create a logo that ties back to the theme of your blog. A great logo can go a long way in gaining identity in such a large marketplace. With these tips and a love for food, Parkhurst said that you’ll on your way creating to a blog. For more insight on successfully breaking into the world of food media, check out ICE’s schedule of upcoming media classes.

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