Sous-Vide at Home

Many think of sous-vide cooking as intimidating, scientific experiments reserved for restaurant kitchens. Last week, Chef James Briscione broke down the fancy French name meaning “under vacuum” and taught a class on sous-vide methods at home.

Once you get right down to it, you simply seal food in airtight plastic bags and set in a water bath for a period of time under a controlled temperature that allows you to cook the item evenly. While the temperature controls can make it seem overly scientific, many companies are now supplying equipment that makes it easy for at home cooking. Our recreational class was packed last week with at home cooks looking to stash the crock pot and make way for modern sous-vide methods at home. Chef Briscione highlighted recipes using meat, eggs, fish, and vegetables so students got an idea on how to work with a variety of foods before heading home to try it on their own. If you are interested in testing this cooking method, SousVide Supreme offers equipment that makes the process easy and the results great.

Our next class focused on sous-vide cooking at home is August 19th and you can sign up here.

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