The Pantry at ICE

When you attend a class at ICE, whether it be for a recreational class or as a full-time student, you are often here to prepare food.

In most cases, your ingredients magically appear and you get busy in the kitchen, forgetting about how they got there. I recently took a trip down to our stewarding department and learned so much about what passes through the school on a weekly basis. This group really acts as the pulse of ICE as they ensure that classes are stocked and ready to go with the finest ingredients in town.

I walked away with a few fun facts to share from our grocery shopping last year: 23,688 pounds of butter passed through the school 16,050 pounds of veal bones were used 17,136 pounds of chocolate were purchased totaling more than $60,000! 140-170 pull sheets (grocery lists) were submitted each week 3700 ingredients are available in stewarding I found those statistics fascinating considering all that goes on around the school.

While I might find these nuggets fascinating, the group from stewarding said if I really wanted to get a glimpse of the fun down there, I should come back when the pheasants, beef tongue and pigs come through.  

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