The Northeast Regional San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition

It's been barely two months since Seohyung Im faced off with three of her culinary peers to represent ICE at the Northeast Regional San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition. Since then, she not only met regularly with her chef advisor, James Briscione, to practice the various techniques required for her dish but also mentally prepared for the hectic media frenzy that would surround her in the kitchen.

Seohyung prepares her dish, under the watchful eyes of her competitors' Chef Advisors.

This Wednesday, at the regional competition, Seohyung competed against seven of the most talented student chefs from culinary schools across the Northeast. Charged with preparing a "stylish and imaginative" entree, suitable for presentation at a fine dining establishment, students were judged on criteria including quality, originality, practicality, technique and personal style.

In addition, competitors were evaluated on their ability to articulate their culinary perspective in front of a judging panel that included such renowned chefs as Laurent Tourondel and ICE grad Missy Robbins, as well as numerous representatives from the mainstream food media.

 Seohyung's roasted venison with tofu and pine nuts.

Seohyung was the first student chef to present her dish, flawlessly finishing within the stringent two-hour time limit. The bar was set extremely high, with each competitor producing what Dean of Students, Andy Gold, considered the most distinguished cuisine he had ever seen at the annual competition.

The esteemed panel of judges digs into Seohyung's dish.

On behalf of the entire ICE family, I would like to thank Seohyung for her incredible talent, dedication and work ethic. We could not be more proud of your efforts, and look forward to seeing what you cook up next!

Seohyung and Chef Advisor James Briscione


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