My Culinary Voice: Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

At ICE, we make it our mission to help students to find their culinary voice — that creative drive within each of us that determines how we express ourselves through food. Whether it’s a career training program, a recreational course in pie crusts or a special event featuring handmade pasta, we’ll give you the tools to hone your culinary creativity. Join us as we ask some of today’s leading food industry pros to share their culinary voice.

When it comes to palate training, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli started young. The daughter of a busy cookbook editor, Alex spent her childhood surrounded by a smorgasbord of food and culinary trends. Since then, she’s honed her culinary voice by cooking alongside the best — including chefs like Guy Savoy and Daniel Boulud — and by leading the charge in her own kitchen, the acclaimed NYC restaurant Butter, as Executive Chef. Chef Alex has helped others to find their culinary voice, too — both as a chef-instructor at ICE (we’re proud to say) and as judge on Iron Chef and Chopped.

So, with all this culinary experience under her belt, how does she continue to develop her culinary voice? Watch the video and discover why Chef Alex is embracing a quieter culinary voice, and learning to say more with less.

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