Chef Alex Atala shares his culinary voice at ICE.

My Culinary Voice: Chef Alex Atala

"We are maybe the strongest voice for the food chain."

At ICE, our mission is to help students find their culinary voice — that creative drive within each of us that determines how we express ourselves through food. Whether with a career training program, a recreational course in cookies or a special event featuring culinary entrepreneurs, we’ll give you the tools to hone your culinary creativity.

Could chefs lead the charge in the effort to save our planet? Chef Alex Atala certainly thinks so. The Brazilian chef’s commitment to his native cuisine goes beyond cooking delicious food and is well documented in his featured episode of the Netflix series “Chef’s Table”. Atala envisions that — through connecting with each other and sharing knowledge, flavors and experiences — this generation and generations of chefs to come will harness their unique power to inspire and unite people to bring lasting, impactful change to our food systems. Watch below as he shares his culinary voice and advice for future chefs.


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