ICE’s Chef Andy Gold Returns From Indonesia

ICE Director of Student Affairs Andy Gold recently returned from a trip to Indonesia where he worked at the United States Embassy teaching to the Council of Chefs, a group of Indonesian chefs with different culinary backgrounds, established by the Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) Jakarta. Council members include nutritionist and author Edwin Handoyo Lauwy, chef Muchtar Alamsyah and baking and pastry chefs Ucu Sawitri and Haryanto Makmoer. During his travels, Chef Andy was interviewed for several TV stations and news segments as well as interviews for several popular Indonesian blogs, newspapers and magazines.

Chef Andy also worked closely with ICE Alumni Hall of Achievement member Chef Jill Sandique of Manila and the Indonesian Council of Chefs to cook five dishes created by Chef Andy for an audience of over 200 members of the press, television, and media on live TV. Present were CNN Jakarta and the Food Network. Indonesia’s most famous chef, Chef Vindex Tengker, the President of the Indonesian Chefs Association and Hotel Dharmawangs’ an Executive Chef participated with his staff of chefs to produce over 1,200 tasting plates that were made for the large audience.

The dishes cooked and sampled by the 225 plus in attendance at the Hotel Dharmawangsa included imported American products incorporated into regional cuisine. The dishes included Braised Norbest US. Duck Legs with US. Medjool Dates and Toasted California Pistachios, Lemongrass, Salam Leaves, Long Red Chilies, California Ground Almonds, Clove, Coriander and Fresh Nutmeg; Pan- Fried Brined Norbest Turkey Breast with Chili Paste Rub with Grilled Washington State Pears with Pickled California Thompson Seedless Grapes and Plumped SunMaid Raisins, Cellophane Noodles with Sliced Red Bird’s Eye Chili Peppers, Ginger and Sweet Soy, California Red Flame Seedless Grape and Knott’s Berry Farm Blackberry Preserve Compote and Red Chili Oil; and Braised US Choice Boneless Beef Short Ribs with Puree of Lamb Weston Potato and Taro Root, Hot- Pickled Cabbage with Sunkist Valencia Oranges and SunSweet Prunes, Fried Phyllo Dough, Sunkist Valencia Orange-Ginger Syrup and Cilantro Oil.

Many were surprised that an American could cook the spice-based sambals and chili pastes so important to the cuisine of Indonesia and that the American proteins, fruits, and nuts could be substituted for not only Indonesian ingredients.

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