ICE Research & Development: Testing New Bread Recipes

Lately, the corporate offices of ICE have been overflowing with loaves and loaves of different breads.

Chef Instructor Sim Cass (the founding baker of the famed Balthazar Bakery and bread genius), and the ICE Director of Pastry & Baking Arts, Andrea Tutunjian have been hard at work testing new bread recipes. Their ongoing research, development and recipe testing will update and evolve the Pastry & Baking Arts curriculum to ensure ICE students are on top of the hottest trends and newest techniques. See the photos after the jump...


Each afternoon, the air is filled with the aroma of baking bread and around 3:00 p.m. there is a mad dash to try one of the latest types of bread while they are still warm. Everyone scrambles to get a piece of the new recipes such as Chelsea Buns, Hot Cross Buns, Stollen, Apple-Walnut Loaves and the ever-classic French Baguettes. While not every recipe is a success the first time, we certainly don’t mind having to taste every loaf. Castoffs never tasted so good. For those not lucky enough to get a fresh piece, check out this photo slideshow of ICE’s latest bread recipes and what is soon in store for ICE Pastry & Baking Arts students.

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