ICE Chef Instructor’s Growing Business

As you may know, ICE Chef Instructor Mike Schwartz is the founder of BAO Food and Drink. BAO’s line of kombucha (a sweet and sour, slightly fizzy, alternative to soda made of fermented organic tea) has been on the market since last year and has already expanded their range of available flavors. After getting its start in Hell's Kitchen in April 2010, the company has grown rapidly and in early 2011 expanded to Long Island City. Now, Chef Mike has added a line of slaws and sauces to the mix.

The food line was launched this week at the Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC and included BAO Raw Slaw, BAO Raw Hot Sauce, and BAO Raw K’Chup — all raw, live, fermented, probiotic, vegan, gluten-free and unpasteurized. As with the kombucha, the new products are organic and made with local ingredients where possible. “After 20 years in the food industry, I truly believe we have to do more to help people understand the importance of eating live and whole foods,” said Chef Mike.

The slaw is available in spicy, tangy and green varieties. Similar to kimchi, the fermented tangy and spicy slaws are made with cabbage, daikon, carrots, apples, pears, garlic, ginger, and spices. The greens slaw is made with kale, collard greens, and dandelion greens. The unique hot sauce is one of only two fermented hot sauces available on the market. BAO’s line of organic snacks and condiments will be available at grocery stores and health food stores throughout the Northeast. Congrats to Chef Mike!

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